Benet’s List

Everybody knows Benet, right?

  Tough guy, bodyguard, baker of biscuits.

  Right now I’m working hard on revisions for the fourth Magic Thief book (title   to be revealed soon!), and my awesome editor says I can include Benet’s to-do   list, which might have his shopping list in it, too.

I’ve got some fun ideas for this, but I wanted to ask you, too.

What do YOU think Benet would have on his to-do list, or on his  shopping list?

If I use your idea in the book, I’ll give you a shout-out in the  acknowledgements!



(illustration by Antonio Javier Caparo)

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  1. 1: bake biscuits
    2: Bring home Eggs
    3: Clean up after Conn’s dragon
    4: rescue burnt biscuits

    • As if Benet would ever burn his biscuits!!

      Funny thing: just before reading your comment I was adding a bit about Benet’s biscuits (hot out of the oven, dripping with butter and honey) to Magic Thief:4

  2. Find yarn for a new scarf (and maybe for a warm hat, too!)

    • YES!! Yarn and needles are definitely on the list. My editor happens to be a champion knitter, so she gave me advice about what kind of needles and yarn for socks.

  3. I’d have to say….
    1. Make breakfast.
    2. Go shopping. (Yarn, flour, eggs, honey, butter, cream, milk cheese, jam, bacon, apples, tea leaves, sugar, coffee.)
    3. Make biscuits.
    4. let them cook while he knits.
    5. remove biscuits from their smoldering prison. (the oven.)
    6. Give ’em to Conn with some tea for Nevery, while saving some for Conn.
    7. Sweep, dust wash, etc.
    8. Make dinner.
    9. Get ready to sleep.
    10. SLEEEEEEP, after a hard days’ work.

  4. 1. Go to a seedy pub
    2. get milk for the biscuits
    4.Make sure Nevery doesn’t find out he has been going to pubs

    • Hee! I love the idea that Benet has a life outside of Heartsease. I might use this! Thanks!

  5. Things to do.
    1) Knit Conn a new sweater, (Kid’s been growing like a weed, make sure sleeves are long enough)
    2)Market (See above)
    3)Do something about the rats.

    Market List.

    2) Flour

    Boy is eating us out of house and home and needs new shoes.

    • Or maybe the sweater is getting holey because the kid keeps getting into trouble. 😀

      Rats is a good one, too.


  6. I think he would knit something for Kerrn. Perhaps take her a basket of fresh biscuits tucked in a knitted napkin.

  7. I think that Benet should have “Make extra bacon for Conn” on his to do list. On his shopping list: Flame-retardant yarn (because of dragon and Conn’s explosions.)

    • Oh, good idea! I’m putting “extra bacon” on the list right now! Tell me your name to put in the acks!

  8. My name is October Barnes, but you can put “Toby Barnes” in the acknowledgements. I am nine years old, and I love your Magic Thief books, so I gave the first one to my teacher to read.

    • Got it!! I’m putting in now. 😀

      I’m SO glad you’re enjoying the Magic Thief books! #4 will be out when you’re 10…!

  9. A walking cane for Nevery. (Cause he’s getting shaky from all the trouble Conn get’s him in :p )
    A huge box with meat for Conn’s dragon.(Cause dragon keeps eating uncooked biscuits)

    Finnaly another post of my favorite writer!!!!
    You should really post more often or create a permanent blog since comments close so soon after a post we can’t even say anything anymore

    • Hi there!

      Ew, meat for Pip!

      The dragon actually goes out and catches pigeons. It eats them whole, even the feathers (ick).

      I’ll have to figure out this closed comments problem. Must be a setting I can mess with. Thanks for calling my attention to it!

    • Ah! Got it–just changed the comment window from 14 days to 50 days. Hopefully the spam won’t get out of hand…

      • And what about some aspirin.(cause Pip keps roaring such tremendous growls)

        • Hm! I don’t think there’s any aspirin in the Wellmet world…!

          • Some kinda magic version of it? And a new baking plate (cause you made to much cookie’s for conn)

  10. Ok Sarah no problem to notify you about the comments :) and hmh i should really get some better idea’s….. i would love to be in such an amazing writer’s acknowledgments

    • The daily checking your page without being able to post anything is over :) now i at least can post something from time to time 😉 so thx verry much!

  11. biscuits* sorry i only read the book in my language and the translations are….. bad (english version has been a time ago for me meanwhile :p )

  12. Keep the boy out of trouble
    Buy bacon and butter
    Watch out for minions (still don’t trust ’em)
    Keep the boy from frying the bacon
    Give the cat milk (only to keep the boy from spoiling her)

    I’m really excited for the next book, a bunch of amazing looking sequels are coming out next year!

    • Tasha, I really like that reminder about the cat! It’s going in–thank you!! Can you tell me how you’d like your name in the acks? 😀

  13. Just my first and last is good: Tasha Kazanjian. Glad you liked it!

  14. Shop list: buy flower,honey milk,egg,tea,bacon,fish or lamp. Thing to do: get more fire wood, teach Conn how to cook, make a pair of mitten and hat,Go fishing, help Conn to new books, go out in a date with my girl friend.

    • These are great–thanks!! Somebody else suggested that Benet has a girlfriend, so I’m definitely putting that in! He’s making socks for her.

  15. kerrn.Is that his girlfriend

    • In the English version of the book, Kerrn is the name of the captain of the palace guard. And…she might be his girlfriend!

  16. I think tough Benet should visit his sweet (or not) gran to learn knitting techniques (and acquire new biscuit recipes)!

    • Oh, I ssoooooo love the idea of Benet’s sweet old grandma! I might have to squeeze that in. What’s your full name for the acknowledgements page?

  17. How exciting! Thank you! Nancy Fink

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