Magic Thief #4!

Every day readers show up at my website using search terms like this:

magic thief 4 by sarah prineas


is the fourth magic thief book going to come out?


the magic thief book four


is there a fourth magic thief???

And AT LAST I can answer that question with a big, giant, happy YES!!!  There is a fourth Magic Thief  book–it is written, and my wonderful publisher, HarperCollins Childrens, is going to publish it.  I’m not absolutely sure yet when it’ll be out–maybe not for a while–but it’s definitely coming.

Here’s what the fourth Magic Thief book is about:

It’s called Chimney Swifts (that’s my title for it; my publisher might change it), and it’s about what happens when a gang of chimney sweeps are going down chimneys in Wellmet to steal locus magicalicus stones.  Everybody suspects Conn, of course, because he is a thief, so he (and the little dragon Pip!) has to join the sweeps to figure out what’s really going on.  What he discovers is that his biggest enemy has returned to Wellmet and is up to no good…

So now I have a question for you, if you’re a Magic Thief reader.

The first book is blue:  The second book is red:And the third book is green:


What color do you think the cover of the fourth Magic Thief book should be?  Leave a comment if you think you know.

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  1. how about gold! or a rich purple (following the gemtones)

    • Okay, Alaina, how dumb is this. I only just realized–now that you mentioned it–that the first three cover colors are gemstone colors. But yes! That makes purple a great choice.

    • I think it should be a dark purple. This is going to be flipin AWSOME.

  2. that’s fantastic! and i think it should be PURPLE !

  3. Purple! Turquoise! Teal! And we always ntoice the first books are dark or blue, the second is red. Try it and see. Find a kid lit series, check the colors. Silver??

    Okay, we’re rediculously happy about this!!

    • Yay! I never noticed that about cover colors, but I’m sure you’re right! So funny. Silver would be extremely cool, because it would match the slowsilver. Hm!

  4. jum… yeah, silver can be a great color… but for a final book or something more special, Will there be a #5 book?

    • Not sure about a #5. I don’t have a story for it, and there are other things I’ve got lined up to write, so…

  5. I’m a huge fan of yours and love The Magic Thief series. I was going to say purple and see others agree. Can’t wait for more news!

    • Thanks so much, Natalie!! Purple’s definitely the front-runner, but the book designer (who is wonderful) may have other ideas. We shall see!!

  6. How about yellow???
    Can’t wait to read the 4th book!

    • Yellow would look great with the other covers! And thanks for the comment, Sharon. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it comes out…

  7. Oh, this is great news!!!! Yay for more biscuits!

  8. Purlish black! it would look dark and epic!

    • It would be so totally epic! AND it would match the chimney sweep images from the book.

  9. BTW I made a blog post about the magic thief book 4! if you want to see it go to or

  10. I vote for purple! Good gemstone color and jewel tone. Also it will look nice next to the green on the shelf. Can’t wait for the next book:)

    • Thanks, Yvette! Looks like purple is the consensus color! I have no real input on it, so I can’t wait to see what my publisher decides.

  11. Either purple, silver or teal! They could make great colours!

  12. Should be the color or Conn’s dragon, that would be cool and want to see Pip

    • The color of Pip would be SO cool–the shimmering greeny-gold scales, the fiery red eye! Orange would be good, but maybe too close to the color of book two. Not sure. 😀

  13. Can’t wait for book four read three in less than a day couldn’t put it down! :-)

  14. Orange it flashed in my head but I still think it should b the color of pip

  15. It should actually be the color of a locus magical is because the others are kinda based on that

    • That’s true, Ashley. I wonder if the book designer will think of the same thing. Maybe!

  16. I love the magic thief series! I vote purple!

  17. black

    • Thanks for the comment, Abriel! Black would look extremely cool with the brass-looking lines on the current book cover (though not the UK one, if you’re there).

  18. I have a feeling that it will be purple…

    • I have a feeling you’re right! But I’m guessing there’s a 10 percent chance they’ll do sooty gray or black. We’ll see!

  19. Really I vote silver or teal would b super cool 😛

    • You know what would be cool? To do a vote and see what color readers think it should be!

  20. I really think you should do a vote!

    P.S. My friend is a fan and owns the company Penzink

    Go to… Or I forgot sorry!

    • Thanks, Allie! Neither of those links worked for me :/ But you know, I might ask my publisher about doing a vote. We’ll see!

  21. I really think cyan would be a cool cover for a book, it is bright and happy, but going with the story I would say maybe instead of a color, do like a brick background to represent the chimneys!

  22. Mabye it was or

  23. Do a vote but don’t forget silver slowsilver 😛

  24. My first thought was purple! as well. I’m very excited to hear there will be a fourth book! The third one had me in tears there for a while but it all turned out at the end. I’m the middle and upper school librarian at my school so I convinced the lower school librarian to buy the first three and they fly off the shelves.

    Yay for a fourth book! Such great news!

    • Thanks so much, SarahJ! I should add a comment, though–my UK publisher has not yet taken the fourth MT book, so it might be a bit longer until it comes out over there.

  25. Oh Sara do you think you might buy a pen? I have one! It is awesome

  26. is the fourth book coming out soon? I loved the third one soooooo much!

  27. Hi Sarah! Woohoo! Bring on MT4!! The kids can’t wait to read it and neither can mama! Looking at the colors of the other books, I think that black would look really cool! But maybe they might not want black for your book. Other than that, a deep amethyst would go nice with the format they’ve been using.


    • Thanks, Chantal! I like your idea for “amethyst” much better than plain old “purple.” I hope you all won’t have to wait too long. As soon as I’ve got a publication date, I’ll post it here.

  28. I Think Black with Yellow center for the picture and lettering.
    I think it would go very well with the title. :)

    • Ooh, that would be cool! I hadn’t thought of that possibility, but yes, definitely. Thanks for suggesting it!

  29. So I was sitting and looking outside and I thought copper with a brick pattern would b so C-O-O-L

    • It would be very cool. I can’t wait to see what color my publisher chooses!

  30. maybe you can choose purple or maybe black…..those color suit the color of a book but its still depends with the title

    • Hey ARTIX (haha)! Purple or black–somebody else suggested bricks because the title is Chimney Swifts. We’ll see!

  31. Question, kinda off topic, but is it true that you are doing an event/storyline for AQW?(Adventure queset worlds)

    • Totally ON topic! Yes, AQ is doing a Magic Thief event. The event page should be up tomorrow and the event goes live on FRIDAY NIGHT. Yeah!!

  32. Sorry didn’t see the battle on thing on the home page:/

  33. I think you should do a magic thief movie!

  34. maybe the 4th book should be a grayish blackish color. that would match the color of the chimney dust.

  35. i think book 4 should be a grayish blackish color to match the chimney dust.

    • It’s a possibility! It’d look cool with the brass-colored lines on the front, too.

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