Yes, this is the AQ book!

Hi there, O Heroic ones!  Chaorrupted wizards!  Misery eels!  Biscuits!

Welcome to my website–and yes, my book The Magic Thief is what the latest AQ event is based on.

As a note for you AQ players around the world, it’s possible my book is available in your country  So far it’s been published in the following languages, so if it’s in your country and you want to read about Conn and Rowan’s magical adventures, you can probably find it at your library or bookstore.

English (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India)
Spanish and Catalan
Czech and Slovak
Portuguese (but only in Brazil)

Here’s a gallery–pictures of the book covers around the world.

Let me know if you have any questions about the book.  Battle on!


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  1. avatar Kobe Liesenborgs

    Hi i love youe books abou the maic thief but are you sure you won keep writing more? why dont you make a new story and if you ever want some ideas then i may be able to help you. greetings K.L.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kobe–The Magic Thief books have been fun, but I actually AM working on a new series, starting with Winterling, and then a companion book called Summerkin. After that I’ve got lots of ideas for more books.

  2. avatar Kobe Liesenborgs

    srry typed some things wrong i meant whycant you releas elitle previeuws on here or in aqworlds?

    • And you’re right–I should do a preview. As soon as I’ve got an edited, complete manuscript of Magic Thief: 4, I’ll post a little piece of it here. Great idea!

  3. COOL! BTW you should do more of those short stories!, remember a little while back when you did a short story about Nevery transforming into a whale? and Conn trying to retrive a lady’s lost locus stone? those were good!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve totally been meaning to do more stories and post them here–I’ve just been so busy lately. One of these days I’ll do another one…

  4. avatar Kobe Liesenborgs

    btw youre bools are the only ones i ever read that made me vrazy enough to go buy it when i heard i stilneeded to wait a daybefore it was in the library

  5. avatar Kobe Liesenborgs

    np sarah (if i may call you so) btw you really play aqworlds if youdo please add me

    • Yup, I do play AQ, but mostly my son plays my Hero. He’s the one who got me the awesome dragon. Mostly he plays his own ninja character, though.

  6. avatar Kobe Liesenborgs

    Cool waths his char name? (if i may know) then i might be able to help him with the game a bit

  7. avatar jullyn jonathan

    hi I have a dream, to be a writer, but I am not good in languages of my country, but tenhu a great capacity in elaborating histories, I wanted to know if you have a way of I to pass this, therefore taste to make books of fancy in way of drama and action forgives for the errors is of Brazil my email zera_aqw@html

    • Thanks for the comment! I always give three pieces of advice to people who want to follow the writer dream:

      1) If you start something, be sure to FINISH it.

      2) Find a group of other writers to read and comment on your work


      Good luck!

  8. Sarah, I just absolutely adored ALL of The Magic Thief books, I got all of my friends to read them and they loved it, it was an amazing series the first was probaly my favorite,so detailed and well set, I LOVED it!

  9. Wat color is the new book

  10. I think that the new book should come out soon cuz I can’t wait

    • Ashley, I hope so!!! But my publisher has other books of mine scheduled to come out first. Somebody in the comments suggested that I post a chapter from the new book, which I’ll do as soon as I can.

  11. Hi I have read your other books and i really enjoyed them. they really made me want to be a writer, so i guess im trying to say thanks

    • Hey, thanks, Mason. That’s the kind of comment that really makes an author’s day. Happy writing!

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