Win a signed ARC of WINTERLING!

AND… the contest is over and has chosen a winner. Weirdly, it was the number chosen by somebody who entered just for a line and not for the ARC, so I’ve gone to the next-closest number.

Thanks for entering!!

My dog



does not like

my book.


But some other people do!

What a wonderful, imaginative alternate world Prineas has created for this book!” –Kristin Cashore, author of the New York Times bestsellers Graceling and Fire.

Filled with wonder and with characters both devious and charming, Winterling is a mischievous delight!” –Ingrid Law, New York Times bestselling author of Scumble and the Newbery honor book Savvy.

And I’m running a contest–here’s how it goes:

All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 245 and post it in the comments. I’ll respond with a line from that page in Winterling. When we’re all done (12:00 midnight on Friday), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner of the ARC (an advanced review copy of the book) (the book itself is out from HarperCollins Childrens on January 3, 2012). Be sure to include your email when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some sneak peeks!

[If two (or more!) people pick the same page, that’s fine–if that page number is the winner, I’ll just do another random generator thingie for that page.]

I hope you like it better than my dog does!

[Oh, and if you read this on Goodreads, be sure to come over to my blog to enter]

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  1. Let’s go for number 42.


    • Hi Mandi! Thanks for entering. I strongly suspect you won’t be the only 42, as I have many geek friends! (If somebody else chooses 42, don’t worry about it). And now a line from that page:

      She’d gathered the bees around her, and then with a flick of a finger sent them zooming in formation around the playground and then off into the blue sky.

  2. avatar Raina Barnes

    My family chooses 50.
    autumn-rain @ comcast . net

  3. (rolls dice) 143.

    • You got it! From lucky page 143:

      She patted Phouka to say good-bye, then turned to the Lady, who stood with snow falling around her and her eyes gleaming as if they were full of stars.

  4. I am *so excited* about this book. Can’t wait to read it ~ sounds like a heart-book to me. :)

    Enough squee, time for a number…. How about 37? 😀

    Thanks for the contest ~ I love these sneak peeks!

  5. You don’t have to enter me in the contest as I have already ordered my book :) But I want a page!!


  6. avatar Eleanor Ditzel

    Oh – I love getting these little glimpses! Put me down for #73 . . .

  7. Awesome!

    I pick #11.

  8. You know, let’s switch it up a little and go for 81.

    • Oh, jeez. NOW what am I to think!??

      From page 81:

      The girl kept firm hold of the comb, pushing Fer’s hand away, picking out the twigs that had gotten tangled in Fer’s hair, carefully combing out the snarls.

  9. 105, dahlink. IDK why, though I did get out-geeked early on!

  10. 97, please!

    • Yay, Steph! Thanks for entering. From page 97:

      Grand-Jane had harvested this herself on a summer morning after three days of clear weather, gathering the bees about her, waiting for the dew to dry before cutting the lavender.

  11. avatar Laura Krentz

    Page 222, please.

    • Sure thing! From page 222 (weirdly, page 222 is the first page of chapter 22):

      She saw a forest of gray-barked beech trees, tall and slim, with leaves shivering at the tips of delicate twigs.

  12. I love reading the lines that get shared this way! What a fun way to do a contest. :)

    I pick….page 203!

  13. avatar Jordin Rausch

    Hi Sarah!

    206 is my choice

  14. No contest for me, but definitely a quote. Page 196, please!

  15. How about 23 :)

  16. 187 please!

    • Thanks for entering! From page 187:

      Spring was about life and green buds and birdsong, not about hunting a living creature to a bloody death.

  17. how about 217!
    (and im dyin to read this book!!)

  18. These really are the most fun contests to enter. *Love* reading all the lines! I want page 1 and the opening line(s) please!

    • The first line! Okay, you’ve got it! From page 1 (the prologue, not chapter one):

      The dog fled.

      [and–trust me–this dog-who-is-not-a-dog is in big, big trouble!]

  19. Love these contests! Page 16 please :) Maybe Athena is feeling left out because she is not mentioned in the book? A little snub to get you to write one about her!

    • You know, that could be it. She’s not even mentioned in the acknowledgements!

      From page 16:

      Her grandma wasn’t going to like Fer bringing home this strange boy and his wolf bites, not after Fer had run off into the night.

  20. 113 😀

  21. avatar Regina from MN

    Okay, let’s go with lucky number … 96.

    • Hi there! Thanks for entering. A line from page 96:

      She closed her eyes, feeling again the rush of icy wind around her, seeing the brilliant stars shoot past.

  22. 17

  23. avatar Jenny Schwartzberg

    I’ll pick number 50.

  24. I’ll go with…125!

    • Thanks for entering! From page 125:

      In the middle of the tent sat the Mor on a camp chair draped with a carpet so that it looked like a throne.

  25. number 12

    • You got it, Weazze! Thanks for entering.

      Rook flinched away, the shifter-tooth that he’d used to turn himself into a dog clutched tight in his hand.

  26. avatar Nancy Johnson Squair

    Graham chooses page 13–he loved the first trilogy and writes messages in the runes for me.

    • Hi Nancy!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by here. Here’s a line from page 13 for Graham:

      “I just saved you from those wolves, in case you didn’t notice.”

  27. avatar Dina Hussain

    Hello Ms. Prineas, can’t wait to read this book especially since I love the Magic Thief series! I’ll go with number 7! :)

    • Hi! Thanks for entering the contest! Here’s a line from page 7:

      The trees were stalking shadows that reached for her with twiggy fingers, snagging her patchwork jacket.

  28. Hello,

    This is such a neat idea! 83, please.

  29. Hmm… tough. I will go on it.

    It says 125.

    Come on 125!


  30. Oh, I just saw someone else had 125, can I switch it to



  31. I’m excited to read this. Our family has read the Magic Thief books, and we’re ready for some more of your work. Number 13, please.

    • Yay!! Thanks so much for your comment and your entry. From lucky page 13:

      Clouds had settled over the crescent moon; the pool in the middle of the clearing glimmered pearly white.

  32. I cannot wait to read Winterling.

    • Thanks, Teri!! A line from page 76:

      Without speaking, the wolf-guard grimly pried open Rook’s fingers and took the bit of bone from his hand.

  33. Our family has enjoyed a few of your other books, but we are so awaiting this one.
    The kids pick 21.

    Congrats on the 2012 release. Now where is our time machine?

    • Thanks for entering, Kaya! And it won’t be too terribly long–January 3rd, so barely into 2012.

      And now the kids’ line from page 21:

      But when Fer blinked and turned her head slightly away, she saw, out of the corner of her eye, something else, something dangerous and wild, something tricky and not to be trusted.

  34. 218! Oh how I want to read this book.

  35. Lovely contest! And how I’d love to win for the three kids and four adults here who tore through Nevery, Rowan and Conn.

    111, please.

    • Okay! For the seven of you, a line from page 111:

      They walked under the dark pine branches, through a forest blanketed with silence and snow.

  36. Thanks for the contest. The cover is MEGA Cute. OK My # 118

  37. How about page 251?

    • Hm… It only goes up to page 245. How about page 215 instead?

      Following the scent, he came to a den made of dried grass, inhabited by two sleeping rabbits.

  38. Is this open for Canadian residents? If so, I pick 244. :)

  39. I’ll try 162

    • You got it! A line from page 162:

      Fer reached out to pat Phouka’s neck, but he shifted back and stood stiff-legged across the stall, his head up and ears laid back.

  40. Hmmm, 135! :)

  41. Hmmm 135! :)

  42. I select number 60.

    Looking forward to sinking into another wonderful book!

  43. Ugh!! Good Reads just sent me the contest email today and it’s over!! Oh well, I already preordered the book. We can’t wait for January 3, 2012!!!

  44. My son & I are loving the Magic Thief books so much, we are just starting Found. My son chooses 184

    • Thanks for entering, Ramona, but I’m afraid the contest has already ended. DO come back to visit again, because I’ll be doing more ARC contests soon.

      • oh poo, i just realized that. i too got the goodreads email today. i’m so bummed! was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait until january :)

        • I’m so annoyed with that Goodreads email! I posted the contest days ago, after all. Grrr. Well, next time I’ll be sure to run the contest longer so the Goodreads email gets out in time.

  45. avatar Susie Redman Parodi


  46. ok–looks like my first note did not get to you-rats. I chose page #4.

    • Oh, rats, Ally! The contest ended a while ago. But DO stop by again, because I’ll be running other ARC contests soon. Maybe even this week!

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