Yes, you’ve seen it before, but this is the actual gorgeous IMG_5237 cover for Ash & Bramble.

In publishing they call it a “jacket,” by the way. But I’ll persist in calling it a “cover.” In the picture here it’s covering a book that is not my book, because the actual book doesn’t come out until September. It’s sitting on a stack of ARC’s (early copies for reviewers and booksellers, and maybe for you once I get around to doing a giveaway).

Sometime before then I’ll be sending out some sneak peeks and cut scenes to subscribers to my newsletter, which you can sign up for here..

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Secret message…

Magic Thief 4 Home hc c If you’re looking for a signed copy of The Magic Thief: Home, you can order it from Prairie Lights Bookstore.

Phone: 319-337-2681 (ask for kids dept)

AND not only can I sign the book to you, I also add a secret rune message, a different one in every book! It looks like this:

signed book

Then you can decode it using the key at the back of the book.

Runes in book

Can you guess why the G is circled in this picture?

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Coming Home

Yup, it’s true–the fourth book in the Magic Thief trilogy goes out into the world today!

Magic Thief 4 Home hc c

When I wrote this book, it was not under contract–I wrote it because I love the characters and couldn’t stand for their story to be over. I’m so happy and lucky that my publisher, HarperCollins, decided to go for another Conn adventure.

As is my tradition, on a book’s publication date I post the dedication and acknowledgements, because a book comes into the world through the efforts of many, not just the author.

So! The ded and acks of The Magic Thief: Home!


To Charles Coleman Finlay. Without your mentorship, support, and friendship, I would not be a writer. Thanks, Charlie.


Loads of thanks to this novel’s first readers: Greg van Eekhout, Jenn Reese, Ingrid Law, Robin LaFevers, Deb Coates, Lisa Bradley, and Dorothy Winsor.

To my genius editor, Antonia Markiet, an her editorial assistant, Abbe Goldberg. And the always-outstanding publishing team at HarperCollins Children’s: publisher Susan Katz, editor-in-chief Kate Jackson, senior production editor Kathryn Silsand, senior art director Amy Ryan, senior designer Tom Forget, and production manager Esilda Kerr.

To my agent, Caitlin Blasdell, of the Liza Dawson Associates agency.

To readers Edie Parsons, for getting Benet together with Captain Kerrn, Toby Barnes, for the extra bacon, and Tasha Kazanjian and Nancy Fink.

To my mom for the eggplant surprise.

And thanks to all my dear families, especially my mom and dad and the memory of my dear old Sparks-like grandma, Anne Hudson Hankins.

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