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Play the sentence game and win the Winterling trilogy!! CONTEST OVER

CONTEST HAS ENDED!!  Thanks for stopping by.   To celebrate the release of Moonkind on December 31st, I’m giving away signed, first-edition, hardcover copies of the entire trilogy–Winterling, Summerkin, and Moonkind!   Plus a printed-out, hand-lettered, special edition copy of the Winterling prequel e-story “Thrice Sworn” (which tells Phouka’s story, and how Rook came to be thrice-sworn, thrice bound […]

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Winterling prequel!

“Thrice Sworn” is out today! It’s a short e-story about how Rook became thrice sworn, thrice bound to the Mor, and how Finn/Phouka came to be stuck in his horse form.  Here are links to three online stores where you can buy it, if you want to read it!       “Thrice Sworn” at […]

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Moonkind cover!

Here it is, Moonkind, the third book in the Winterling trilogy, and you finally get a look at Rook on the cover! First the rough draft–the black & white sketch: And the final version, in color:   Tell me what you think!  One lucky commenter here will win an ARC of the book!! Moonkind comes […]

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