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Magic Thief: Home COVER!!!!

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might remember a post that I wrote asking for predictions about what color the cover of the fourth Magic Thief book would be.  Purple?  Sooty gray?  Black?  Bright yellow? Well, now’s your chance to find out!  Today I’m excited to show you the cover of The Magic Thief: Home, […]

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Today is Moonkind‘s book birthday!  It’s the third book in the Winterling trilogy, in which Fer has to deal with the consequences of a very bad decision, and Rook proves what it really means to stay true.  Also: giant spiders. As is traditional on this date, I blog the dedication and acknowledgements page from the book […]

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SOMEbody keeps hitting my website, asking this question: What do the rune messages mean in the Magic Thief series? GOOD question.  There are two ways to answer it!  One is to go to the Magic Thief page on Wikipedia, where some clever person has posted all the translations, from the magical runes of Wellmet to […]

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