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Winterling gets its first review…

…and it’s a good one! This is from Kirkus: WINTERLING Author: Prineas, Sarah An atmospheric middle-grade fantasy ties the coming of age to the turning of the year. Young Fer (short for “Jennifer”) loves her strict Grand-Jane and the herbal lore she teaches, but she feels more at home in the woods and fields than […]

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October 16, 2010

Here’s a bit of happy news.  The audio version of The Magic Thief was chosen by Booklist as one of the best audio first-novels of the past four years! Click here to see the Booklist article I LOVE the audio version.  The actor gets the voices exactly right.  I even ‘hear’ his voice now when […]

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More new news

Here’s a kid reader review from a newspaper in the UK And a nice review of The Magic Thief: Lost from Skunk Cat Book Reviews.  

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