Every time one of my books comes out I post the dedication and acknowledgements page Ash&Bramble finalbecause NO published book is created by just its writer–a whole team is involved, and this is another chance to thank them.  Thanks to you, too, for stopping by to read this!!


To my dear, genius editor, Toni Markiet.


Thanks, as always, to my editor Antonia Markiet, with whom I am so honored to work. And to her assistant, Abbe Goldberg, and to wonderful senior editor Alyson Day. Go, A-Team! Kate Morgan Jackson, any crispy bacon in this book is for you.

To Greg van Eekhout, Deb Coates, and Jenn Reese. Especially for the guy stuff (Greg) and the dog stuff (Deb) and the title stuff (Jenn). And to Jenn and Deb for the trip to Oregon, which is where the forest came from.

To my agent, Caitlin Blasdell, and the intrepid crew at the Liza Dawson Associates agency, especially Havis and Liza Dawson.

To the rest of my team at Harper, including Joel Tippie [for the gorgeous cover!], Amy Ryan, Kathryn Silsand, and Ruiko Tokunaga.

To Susan Adrian for a quick read of the first part of the book, Rae Carson for continued support and wise advice, and Sandra McDonald for Corneeeeelius.

Genevieve Valentine and Ingrid Law for help making the dresses sufficiently gowny, and to Jeffery K. Richard for the shoes.

Thanks to my ultra-brother-in-law, Matt Prineas, for describing what it feels like to run (er, shuffle) ridiculously long distances.

To Malinda Lo, whose speech at the Sirens conference inspired me to start writing this book.

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  1. Sarah, you are a pure pleasure and such an amazing writer, and I would happily share bacon with you any old time. (And I don’t say that to just anyone, you know!) xoxo

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