Yes, you’ve seen it before, but this is the actual gorgeous IMG_5237 cover for Ash & Bramble.

In publishing they call it a “jacket,” by the way. But I’ll persist in calling it a “cover.” In the picture here it’s covering a book that is not my book, because the actual book doesn’t come out until September. It’s sitting on a stack of ARC’s (early copies for reviewers and booksellers, and maybe for you once I get around to doing a giveaway).

Sometime before then I’ll be sending out some sneak peeks and cut scenes to subscribers to my newsletter, which you can sign up for here..

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  1. They look great. I made a note of this book’s release since I came across the synopsis. Love the embellishments around the A and B plus the silver ampersand.
    Just subscribed to your newsletter. Looking forward to the sneak peeks and cut scenes :-)

    • Thanks for subscribing! I love the ampersand too. On the actual cover it’s embossed, so it really stands out. 😀

  2. Could you give me any advice on writing a story if you are not to busy? I would really like some advice.

    • Ack! I’m sorry–the blog didn’t send me this comment for approval, so I only saw it just now. DO send me an email ( and I will answer your question!!

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