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I’m giving away a signed ARC (early reviewer copy) of The Magic Thief: Home to one lucky reader (open to all countries).  All you have to do to enter is comment and tell me which Magic Thief character is your favorite, and why.  In a week (Monday, June 15), I’ll choose a winner.  Easy!

The actual book will be published on September 16th.  You can pre-order a copy at your local independent bookstore, or if you want a hardcover copy signed by me, contact Shawna at

If you’re a member of Goodreads, you can also enter there to win one of two copies of the book.

Good luck!!

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  1. Benet, hands down. He knits and bakes, which of course makes him the best sort of person. (Also, I love the way his gruffness completely fails to hide how much he cares for Conn.)

    • 😀 Thanks for entering! I have a feeling there will be a lot of votes for Benet …

  2. Have to agree with Laura. Benet is by far the most interesting character. I’d love to know more about his history!

    • Hmm! Maybe I need to write up his backstory. He definitely has one. Also a lrrrrve interest in book four. 😀

  3. Benet is my favorite too! He is like an onion with so many layers. I would love to hear his back story ad well. I had no idea there were more books to come in this series. I am so excited!

    • Wow, three votes for Benet already! I’d better get to work on his story, then.

  4. I have always adored Conn. I suppose I am a kid at heart. =)

  5. I am going to buck the trend and say Rowan! I love her development across the series.

  6. avatar Regina Harris

    I like Rowan – a “not your typical princess” sort of girl.

  7. avatar Jean Neyland

    It’s a toss up between Benet & Nevery. I love the quirkiness of Benet but I also like Neverys gruff exterior with his soft inside.

  8. Benet!! Sorry, it’s the biscuits. :)

  9. Benet. Guess everyone else loved him too. He is big and caring, a mother hen. I just like him.

  10. I love Conn! He’s incredibly clever even though he didn’t have any education growing up, he’s an odd sort of innocent and yet street wise at the same time, and I love his unique brand of charm. It seems to me anyone who doesn’t have something to hide slowly but surely falls in love with him:)

  11. My son (who has autism) loves these books! He says his favorite character is Conn because “he has no parents and he has friends.” He wants to know if this is the last book. lol

  12. Kerrn — though it’s a tough call between her and Nevery, I admire her fortitude and love of duty. It’s been interesting watching her black and white view of the world start to admit some gray.

  13. Rowan! Because…Ro! She’s fabulous. Though of course Pip comes in a close second, and Conn is right tied up there with Pip.

  14. avatar Michelle Weinard-McKibben

    I really like Bennett.

  15. I think Nevery is my favorite!! He’s kind of grumpy, but awesome, at the same time!

  16. Oh, this is hard! I love all of the characters in the book! I will choose Conner because he does things his own way and doesn’t let anyone influence him when he knows he is right.

  17. avatar Tondi Greenberg

    I think I have to go with Benet.

  18. avatar Jessica Frost

    I couldn’t pick just one character– my son introduced me to the series and I am so excited that another book is coming out!

  19. avatar Brad, Evan and Jack

    My boys and I voted and 2 of us picked Ember and the other one picked Conn. Once he heard Ember and why, he agreed to go with Ember. The reason is that he overcame his injury, used his brains and is still a “good” guy..sort of.

  20. avatar Cooper Johnston

    I like them all for different reasons. If I had to pick one it would have to be Conn because he is adventurous and brave,honest and I think he could do amazingly great things one day. Mostly though I like that he has the sense to pick good friends!

  21. avatar Daniel Wall

    I’ve always loved the wise elderly wizard character type in Books and movies, so Nevery will always be my favorite character from my favorite book series!

  22. Ember! I just find him cool and different from the rest of the characters(all of which i love) I also really like the relationship between him and Con. I makes me laugh:3

  23. My favorite character would have to be Nevery. I mean, who can’t love a wizard who not only blows his own house in half, and then gets banned from it. But also ignores the ban to save his enemies and the town he loves. Gabe, age 11 (I really hope I win the book!)

  24. No ARC required because we’ve got our pre-order in (and now I’m going to VERY QUIETLY go order a signed copy or two for birthday gifts) but I know that my kids will always choose Con. We actually have a black cat named Con (after Con, of course) and he’s quite handsome!

    I prefer Nevery, myself. 😉

  25. Connwaer, probably because he’s really clever and witty (usually without meaning to be). He doesn’t care what other people call him or when they boss him around because he knows himself, and because he’s so stubborn. Also, him on phlister is ridiculously funny.

  26. avatar Sten Milner

    Benet. Hands down.

  27. I would have to say Conn. He has an intriguing integrity, and sometimes displays an almost regal personality, while still being brilliant, random, thoughtful, caring, and occasionally ridiculous. I don’t know. I like him. :)

  28. I’m afraid I have to go with the obvious answer and say Conn, because I went into the books expecting them to be really cliche and boring – you know, clever orphan, wise wizard, maybe a dragon or two. And reading the first book I said to myself, “yep, cliche.” Yet somehow Conn convinced me that he wasn’t trying to copy Sage from the Ascendance trilogy; he was his own, sneaky person! And somehow everything else in the book seemed that much cooler, and I found myself rushing to request the rest of the series from the library ASAP.

  29. I love all the main characters in this series. It is so hard to pick a favorite! I would narrow it down to Conn. I love all the adventures he gets to have. As well Conn gets to hang out with everyone else that I love: Nevery, Benet and Rowan. I can’t wait to read this new installment!!!

  30. Ms. Prineas,
    What a cool contest! I hope I win!
    My favorite character would have to be Benet because he likes to cook and I kind of like to cook too.I also like how Benet is always saving Conn from evil people. I like how Benet doesn’t talk a lot, he only talks when necessary.(That’s me)

  31. Rowan!!!! Who doesn’t love smart,capable girls who can sword fight and go on adventures?

    So excited for Home!

  32. That’s tough! I love all of them but probably Benet :) He’s a real tough guy but (DON’T TELL HIM!) he’s an old softy at heart. He;s the type to fight with you sometimes but he would fight for you any day! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want one of his biscuits? <3

  33. Man, that is a hard question… I think I have to say Conn though. He is easy to connect with and is obviously the underdog. He proves that he is more than expected every time he steps up to the plate. :-)

  34. Nevery because he pretends that he doesn’t care about Conn when he does.

  35. Nevery Flinglas is definitely my favorite character in this series! He is humorous, all-knowing, and has his own journey throughout the series in which he becomes a parental figure to Conn.

  36. Rowan Forestal is a quick-witted and strong female character. She is definitely not your common, passive female of this era. She loves adventure and I love her for it!

  37. This is so difficult to choose just one! However, I would have to say Conn is my favorite because I could just see myself being his friend (that is corny I know). Conn is witty without being obnoxious and even though he is not perfect he always tries his best. He is the type of character that I love reading about!

  38. Benet – he’s such a softie beneath his tough exterior, but it’s a really hard choice, because I like Conn, Nevery and Rowan about as much!

    Looking forward to the next book!

  39. Benet is my favorite character, a character such as his, has got to have a great backstory somewhere and somehow. But as I’ve read the series, I also find myself drawn to Kern as well, I have a feeling that her tale could be a ‘nother whole series as well.

    Thanks for all the wonderful reads!

    • I think you’ll like what happens with Benet and Kerrn in book four, then! 😀

  40. I have to say Captain Kerrn is one of my favorites. She takes her job seriously, which I respect, and once Conn has proven himself she views him as beneficial to the city, showing she has the capacity to accept change.

  41. Well to be honest I have not read any books in this series but I have in the winterling series and love the books.So my favorite character in winterling is rook because he has sort of a dark side and says he is not friends with fer but I think he is deep down. He also keeps on having a connction to fer like tiny strands of a web and I think that connection is love.He also has a sweet side towards his brother pucks.Also he has a tricky side to his emotions to fer.And I can not wait to read Moonkind.

    • Well to be honest I have not read any books in this series but I have in the winterling series and love the books.So my favorite character in winterling is rook because he has sort of a dark side and says he is not friends with fer but I think he is deep down. He also keeps on having a connction to fer like tiny strands of a web and I think that connection is love.He also has a sweet side towards his brother pucks.Also he has a tricky side to his emotions to fer.And I can not wait to read Moonkind.Well I had just started reading your books in 6th grade when I read Winterling and want to start reading the magic Theif .I had just ended 7th grade and have to fill a reading log over the summer and want the Magic theif to be the fourth book there under Winterling,Summerkin,and Moonkind.

  42. I would have to say Conn. He’s a total introvert and I love it. I find myself talking in my head like he does, but not actually responding out loud. I can really relate.

    • He so totally IS an introvert! I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but you’re so right. 😀

  43. avatar Tricia Marshall

    I love Conn. He hasn’t had it easy and everyone is always so mean to him….yet he does what he can and goes with his instincts. He was a bum and a thief on the street trying to survive and is using his ability for good instead of bad. He doesn’t give up and regardless of what has happened he is still so good. I love that with the choices he has had he has made good ones. Not always the best but turns out good in the end. I will continue to root for his future.

  44. avatar Mifalda Erance

    Hmmm… this is tough, but I think Conn is my favorite. I mean, Benet is cool, no doubt, and Nevery would, I think be the most awesome teacher ever (he sort of reminds me of one of my teachers, in fact)…and then there is Embre who I would love to know in real life. He’d probably hate me, but I’ve wanted to meet somebody just like him ever since you first met him in the book. But I think Conn is my favorite because he is the character I would most like to be. He has had a hard life, but through it he gained skills and a mentality that are his alone, because he had to fight alone to live to have them. And then he meets people who become his friends, people who he risks his life for. I’m jealous of Conn.

    (And I am so happy another book is coming out! I was so sad when I thought the series was over. C= Thank goodness we get to read more!)

  45. avatar Rachael Fielding

    I LOVE Benet, because he is such an atypical sort of fellow! Scary to a fault to those who don’t know him, but he also has a much hidden softer side, and can be as protective of his charges as an enraged momma bear! Once Benet decides a person has proven their trustworthiness, he seems to consider them family, and shows them undying loyalty – plus, he possesses domestic skills that even Martha Stewart would be proud of! Benet is quite the surprise in this series, and the one I adore most of all from the cast of lovable, vastly individual characters in this wonderfully magical confection of a tale! I am sooo excited and awaiting impatiently on tenterhooks for the next installment in the Magic Thief Series! Oh time – won’t you please hurry?! {Oh God! I want this book!} :)

  46. Dear Ms. Prineas: My son and I have been listening to the Magic Thief audio books over and over for almost four years now. Now he is seven years old. We have been waiting with baited breath for your next book. We have put you among our favorite authors along with Cornelia Funke and Angie Sage. Because of all of you, my son has become a strong speaker with a great imagination (and hopefully a future writer of fantasy). We love Conn and his affinity for the black birds, biscuits and bacon. We often imagine ourselves being watched by the black birds in our town and hope some day to meet a dragon that will come and live with us as well.

  47. Conn, because as a mother of boys I want to hug him.

  48. Embrewing. Honestly, he’s awesome. His father had him crippled at the age of ten and to make room for his younger cousin to become the Underlord in his place, yet he eventually managed to forgive and even befriend Connwaer. He’s brilliant: a pyrotechnist and a good Underlord. He genuinely cares for the people of the Twilight and wants to protect them. He inspires minions to protect the people of Twilight instead of terrorize them. I can’t wait to read the next book because I have to know what Crowe is going to do Embre-wise. Is he going to butt kiss and be like “oh, i always loved you son!” Or, most likely, is he going to try and get rid of him??? Embre is inspirational an amazing, and he is my favorite character.

  49. avatar Emily Abbey

    I absolutely adore Pip, but since he has no lines, i choose Rowen. Rowen is not your average rich girl. (even though she keeps a journal (we all know it’s really diary though!)) She’s smart, adventurous, practical, and all around awesome! My mom’s favorite character is Conn.

  50. Its terribly difficult to choose just one character. All of them are so full of life that it feels like they are your friends too! As much as i love Conn, Pip, Rowan, Benet and even Kerrn, Nevery and Embre definitely take the prize. Nevery was someone who took Conn in and was the 1st person Conn became attached to after his mum’s death. He taught Conn lots of valuable lessons be it in life or magic. Had it not been for Nevery, the story itself would not have existed and thus, it would not have been told (that why i’m extremely grateful to him for taking Conn in). Even though he’s gruff and scolds Conn all the time his love for the boy is what makes him so likable. As for Embre, he’s Conn’s family! What else can make him more likable? He is a brother who Conn can turn to, some one who cares for him and has suffered at the hands of the same man Conn did, Crowe. Even though he feels threatened by Conn’s presence at first, he comes to acknowledge him as Twilight’s wizard and as a brother, friend and ally. He cares for Twilight as much as Conn does, if not more. Even the minions listen to him and want to protect him. He’s wise, and unlike his predecessor, works together with the Duchess to make all of Wellmet a safe and happy place. He’s flexible, clever, cares for his people and makes the good of Twilight his priority. He is the ideal Underlord.

  51. Oh and Dr. Prineas, do watch Kyoukai No Kanata(Beyond The Boundary). Its pretty good! =)

  52. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog in time to join in on this! I have to admit I just came across all of your books today (thanks to the wonderful world that is Goodreads!) so I’m not sure how to answer your question, but I hope I can still join in. Anyway, congrats on your new release!

  53. This is such a tough call.. On one hand, Benet.. Benet is awesome!!! He knits, he bakes, he takes care of Conn, and he rocks!!! but then.. PIP! i have a feeling pip will be a force to be reckoned with sooner, rather then later!! Cannot wait to read this book regardless!! (And thank you for opening comments up again!)

  54. I’d have to go with Conn. He is ornery, but smart, and came from rough place in his life, but rather than letting it drag him down, it makes him strong, makes him more willing to fight for what he gains. Awesome character, though I like Rowan too, and Nevery, and Benet. But hands down, Conn is my favorite. :)

  55. I think I’m sneaking in under the wire. I’m such a pushover for feisty girl characters that I’ve got to choose Rowan. She speaks her mind and is tough and practical, but is a loyal friend to Conn–loyalty and friendship are never to be taken lightly. I think Benet comes in second–love all your characters!

  56. I simply cannot let go of my adoration for the loveable scruffy orphan Conn. Crafty, clever, tough. A survivor.

  57. I prefer conn over everyone because even when he was alone he still didn’t end up like Jaggus. But it’s like he actually used his loneliness as a goal to keep going and not end up dead in under lord crowes cell. So I choose him over everyone cause in the dark he had cleverness.

  58. That is a really hard question. All of the characters in the Magic Thief books are amazing. I love Benet of course (doesn’t everyone) because he loves Conn so much and makes great biscuits. Nevery is cool, but I can’t say he’s my favorite. Rowan and Kern are awesome because they bring some female characters into the story. But from the first moment I started reading the book, Conn has definitely been my all time favorite character. I love that he is a thief, but is also so honest. I love that he wants to be a wizard. I love that he knows the streets so well and can pick locks and pockets. (After I read these books I tried to pick the lock on our house but I completely failed.)
    By the way Sarah, who’s your favorite character?

    • Ella!!!! You’re the contest winner. Congrats!

      I love it that you asked about MY favorite. It’s hard to choose. Conn, but Pip the dragon is a very close second.

  59. It’s between Rowan, Benet, and Conn. Rowan because she is so smart, and nice even though she was raised with rude nobility like Argent. Benet, because of his awesome knitting skills, and the biscut trap in the third book. But, I would have to say Connwaer because his internal dialogue is so hilarious, and I love his thought process. Also, I’m not sure how to pronounce his name, like a lot of people don’t know how to pronounce my name.

  60. It’s hard to pick which character was my favorite. Conn, Nevery, Rowan, Benet…they were all such well-drawn characters. I love them all, which is the sign of a good book! Rowan is maybe the most like me, so I guess I would have to vote for her. I started reading these because you live in Iowa and Rowan is an Iowa girl!

  61. Can we please oh please have a snippet or two just to tide us over till the book? :)

    • 😀

      Definitely!! I’m going to do another contest in a month or two, where you choose a page and I give you a snippet and then do a drawing for another ARC.

      (thanks for asking!)

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