If the Shoe Fits … (my YA books!)

I’m thrilled to announce that Harper Teen will publish two young adult books by me–and even happier that I get to continue working with my wonderful editor, Toni Markiet.

The first YA is titled Ash & Bramble, and it’s not so much a retold fairytale as an exploded one in which a happily-ever-after is the worst possible ending.   It’s got smooching in it.  The publication date is in May 2015.

This is the book that I wrote in a wild five-week frenzy last year while moving to a new house, the book formerly known as Chrome Weasels.  Which really isn’t a good title for a book with no chrome in it.  Or weasels, for that matter.  I did add a goat, however.

Here’s the Pinterest page for the book.  It’s hard to find pictures of people who look like the characters, because I don’t think of my characters as looking like famous people, but these are as close as I could come for Pin/Pen, Shoe, and Cor.

The second YA book is to-be-determined and will be out in 2016.



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  1. Onward to awesome! I CANNOT WAIT for these!!

  2. I am beyond thrilled, you’re one of my all time favorite authors. Reading your stories makes me feel like I’m discovering fairy tales for the first time. Now we’re going to get two new adventures? It feels like Christmas morning!

  3. In awe, and SO proud!

  4. Yayyyyy! I’m so excited. And I love the title. And explosions and fairy tales. Cannot wait. 😀

    • Hee! Thanks very much!!

      (Note to self: add scene in book where something blows up)

  5. I like explosions. Sounds so good, I absolutely love fairy tale rewrites (especially the ones that tell a whole new story). I’m pretty sure this post made my day.

  6. “It has smooching in it.” Haha! Can’t wait to read them! 😀

  7. This is THE BEST NEWS. And I think the exploded fairytale is going to be my new favourite subgenre.

  8. First of all i want to congratulate you on the new books!!! Can’t wait to read them!! and 2th of all i got a suggestion for you: why not get a permanent chatbox or comment section where people can chat about your books etc? since the comments in here close up so soon and you don’t post verry often (no offence) so we can’t talk to or about you and your books inbetween the posts.
    Greetz from Kobe a dedicated reader of 15 years old.

    • Hi Kobe! Thanks for stopping by–and for the congraz. 😀

      The problem with leaving the comments open (I’ve tried it) is that after about a week it attracts spam, and I get hundreds of email notifications. During that time, there were almost no new real comments. So it saves me lots of time, closing the comments down.

      I hadn’t thought before of doing a chatbox kind of thing, or a forum. Maybe I’ll talk to my website designer about it–thanks for the suggestion!!

      • I’m glad i can help you ! And i really can’t wait till some of your new books get released out here in Belgium (i speak dutch in real life so thanks to the translation it takes longer, and english books don’t get sold here often so i can’t get my hands on an english version either :( ) and since there haven’t been any giveaways i could comment to lately (vacation etc.) i guess i’ll just have to wait 😉

  9. Sounds great! Can’t wait!

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