Play the sentence game and win the Winterling trilogy!! CONTEST OVER

CONTEST HAS ENDED!!  Thanks for stopping by.


To celebrate the release of Moonkind on December 31st, I’m giving away signed, first-edition, hardcover copies of the entire trilogy–WinterlingSummerkinand Moonkind!  


Plus a printed-out, hand-lettered, special edition copy of the Winterling prequel e-story “Thrice Sworn” (which tells Phouka’s story, and how Rook came to be thrice-sworn, thrice bound to the Mor).  


Plus two paperback copies of Summerkin for two runners-up.

All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 259 and post it in the comments. I’ll respond with a sentence from that page in Moonkind.

When we’re all done (12:00 midnight on Wednesday), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner, and I will send you the books.  *note!!!*  If you win and you want to send the books as a holiday present to someone you love, I’ll wrap ’em up and add a card from you and send them directly so they arrive in time.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some truly puckish sneak peeks!

[Oh, and if two (or more!) people pick the same page, that’s fine–if that page number is the winner, I’ll just do another random generator thingie for that page.]

Good luck!

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  1. Page 186, please! (But do not enter me in the contest.)

  2. avatar Kimberly Cowger

    Page 99 please!

    • Thanks for playing! From p 99. This is Rook’s puck-brother Ash talking to Rook:

      “While you’re off finding out what trouble your not-a-friend Lady Gwynnefar’s gotten herself into, we’ll work on the rest of our plan. But you’d better hurry, Pup,” he said. “We’re not going to wait forever.”

  3. avatar Julia Marks

    Page 151 :) thanks!!

    • Sure thing! From p 151:

      When Rook pointed at the bed, Fer saw the black smudge of the shadow-web that crossed his palm.

  4. avatar Samantha Giehll

    Page 77. :)

    • Yayyyyy! Thanks for stopping by, Samie.

      From p 77. Rook, of course:

      He’d rather have a nice, plump rabbit, but bread and cheese would do.

  5. Page 21, please!

    • You got it! Thanks for playing. From p 21:

      Rook had seen web like this before; he’d seen Fer toss it over herself like a silver net, and then he’d seen Fer’s wolf-guard and her fox-girl maid bow to her as if she were a queen.

  6. Page 25, I haven’t read these yet because I want to finish the Magic Thief books first but I think these would be great for me and my step sister to read together. Nothing brings people closer than a good book:) Happy Holidays!

    • SO true about the power of books to bring people together! From p 25, Rook in trouble:

      The spider moved closer, and he heard its mouthparts moving, a scraping, gurgling sound. It wasn’t going to eat him, was it?

  7. Page 188, please! [I know it’s close to Jenn’s — but I like the bees, so I’d be eager for more of them…]

    • Hi Jo! From p 188, more bees as requested 😀

      The bees swarmed over her head, their anxious buzzing like a low growl of thunder.

  8. Page 42, please.

    • *Always* my favorite number. 😀 From p 42, Rook’s POV:

      No puck except for him had ever visited the nathe, and the last time he’d been here, they’d tried to kill him.

  9. avatar Michelle Ross

    Page 13, please!

    • Lucky number! From p 13, Fer talking to Phouka:

      “Hello, you bad horse,” she said, smiling.

  10. Please enter me in the contest. I would love to review these books on my blog

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marya! To enter, you have to guess a number between 1 and 259 (that’s the sentence game!). Cheers!

  11. Page 42!

    • Caitlen, you are not the only 42-licious person to guess this number. Do you want to try a different one?

      • Ah, it looks as though I am not the only one in love with the Hitchhiker’s Guide. :) Very well, then, how about 271?

        • I LOVE it how there are always lots of 42 entries when I run this contest. Hee!

          AND I would give you a line from p 271, but the book only goes to page 259. D’oh!! ONE more time??

          • What? Amazon says it has 272 pages (yes I did Google it). Let’s go with page 10!

        • Okay, page ten! That works!!

          “Remember, my girl,” Grand-Jane said in a brisk voice. “Remember that part of you is still human.”

  12. Hi, this is a Himawari from Twitter! I can’t resist getting hints so here I am even though I bought the Winterling books already. I’m going with #259. I’m so excited about the new book!!!

    • Hello!!!! Thanks so very much for stopping by here! From p 259:

      She looked around at the pucks. Tricksy, all of them. Black hair, flame-colored eyes, full of trouble.

  13. Oh, how wonderful that MOONKIND is almost here!

    Please let’s have a peek at p. 7…. And I’m definitely buying the book, OF COURSE, so no need to enter me in the book draw part. Still want my peek, though!

    • Thanks so much for playing, Anne!!! Here’s a line from p 7, Fer talking:

      “There was a contest. I lost every part of it but …” She shook her head. “I won in the end.”

  14. avatar Jen Scholzen

    This is such an exciting offer! Page 238 please!

    • Yay! Thanks for commenting. Here’s a line from p 238:

      Their glamories were desperately bright, like sunlight reflecting from hot metal.

  15. I love the prospect of this! 218 please!!!

    • Yay! So glad you stopped by. From p 218:

      One puck shifted into his dog shape and lifted his muzzle to howl joyfully at the setting moon.

  16. Page 138 ^_^

    • La! From p 138:

      “It’s a puck,” he heard one of the mouse-boys whisper. They cowered away.

  17. love this! and love your books, 222 please!

    • Thanks so much for playing the sentence game! From p 222:

      The spider gave its deep growl, and then it leaped on Rook, knocking him to the ground.

  18. Love that the security question is a sum. 😛

    Exciting, exciting, exciting! Page 132 please.

    • And I am *so* bad at basic arithmetic…!

      From p 132:

      From where she lay, the ocean was a blurry, dark plain reflecting light in a shimmering path to the moon.

  19. avatar Tammy Abbey

    Page 152 please. And I am counting the days until Moonkind is released. :)

    • Aw, thanks! It’s officially out on Dec 31st, but should be showing up in bookstores aaaaanytime now. From p 152:

      “Fine,” Rook said sharply. “Then I’m coming with you.”

      No, she wanted to say.

  20. avatar Zachary A. Sparks

    I’ve really enjoyed the Magic Thief series, but I haven’t managed to get around to the Winterling trilogy yet. I’m looking forward to reading it. I would like my favorite number, 38!

    • Cool! From p 38. This is Fer (girl protagonist)’s point of view; Rook is her puck (tricky) sort-of friend:

      Leaving Rook to exchange growls and narrow-eyed glances with the wolf-guard Fray, Fer went up to her house in the Lady Tree.

  21. avatar Xavier Lagunas

    Pg. 221 please and thank you!

    • You’re very welcome! From p 221:

      “This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done,” Rook muttered.

  22. I would like a sentence from page 2, please. Thank you!

    • But Rook had a thread–the merest fragile spider-silk thread–tying his heart to another heart far away.

  23. Haven’t read these yet, but loved the Magic Thief series. Please enter page 133. Thanks!

    • Glad you were able to comment at last! From p 133:

      In the moonlight Rook’s eyes were smudged with weariness and his face was crossed with shadows.

  24. SO exciting! Congratulations on Moonkind’s (almost) release! Don’t worry about entering me in the contest, as I already have Winterling, Summerkin (thanks to you!), and will happily buy Moonkind at our fine Indy bookstore, Wellesley Books. But I’d love to hear a sentence from page 27.

    • Thank you!! From p 27. This is Rook’s puck-brother Ash talking:

      “And, brothers, I know where we can steal some excellent soap.”

  25. Ooh! Exciting! I pick number 113.

    • Sure thing! Thanks for entering. From p 113:

      The sky was mostly a clear, deepening blue, with a few thin clouds at the blurred line where it arched down to meet the sea.

  26. avatar Jenny Bradshaw

    p. 129 — Congratulations on your book!!

    • Weird–thought I’d replied to this already. Thanks for the congrats, and here’s a line from p 129:

      “Come on!” Rook shouted, and as he leaped to his feet, he shifted into his dog shape and charged.

  27. Oooh fun! How about page 117?!

    • You got it! From p 117 (Phouka is a puck who is in his horse shape):

      Phouka trotted across the clearing, pushed a badger-man out of his path, and stood blocking the Way; then he gave a snort that sounded like the horse equivalent of a laugh.

    • And YOUUUUU are the lucky winner! I’ll pop you an email at once! Congrats!

  28. Page 18 ^_^ Thanks!

    • Ooh, thanks again for the RT! 😀 From p 18:

      The fire-girl leaned closer, and Fer saw the flames deep in her eyes.

  29. 235 please. Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome! From p 235:

      The hall was crowded with Lords and Ladies, all glittering with glamorie.

    • Erin, you’re a runner-up! I’ll send you an email now about your address. Congrats!!

  30. avatar Dielle Short

    P. 227

    • Sure thing–from p 227:

      The little spider he’d taken as a pet crouched on his shoulder.

  31. 218

    • From p 218!

      All the pucks had bits of shadow-web stuck to themselves; one had it splashed across his face and was proudly showing it to his envying brothers.

  32. Page #3! :)

    • From p 3! The pucks are up to no good:

      “This is maybe the best puck-plan ever made, brothers. It’ll turn everything upside-down.”

  33. avatar Jordin Rausch

    I choose 137!

    • Hey, Jordin! Thanks for stopping by. From p 137:

      Rook felt like he’d been running for days, but he didn’t have time to rest.

  34. I’m not sure if it’s international, but I’d love to see something from page 8, my favorite number 😀

    • It’s definitely international! From p 8:

      Grand-Jane turned back to the counter; she plucked a few leaves off a marjoram plant on the windowsill and added them to the teapot.

  35. How about page 15?

    • All right! From p 15:

      A twig snagged her head and she felt the tie come off the end of her braid, and her hair unraveled into a tangled banner that waved behind her as they flew.

  36. Hmmmm, how about page 35

    • Sounds good to me! From p 35:

      As the rot reached the moon-spinner spider, it scrabbled away, but then the rot caught it and its body turned black, like glass smudged with soot.

  37. I love this series! And i love playing this game (even without ever wining). :)
    Page 75!

    • Aw, thanks so much! From p 75 (more sentences, ‘cos they go together):

      All the people of all the land thought the pucks were betrayers. Oath breakers. Outcast for a reason. True to nothing and no one. But they were wrong. Nobody was more true than a puck.

  38. I want something from page 53!

    • Then you can have it! From p 53:

      “You are part human, Gwynnefar,” said the High One, “and you have brought change to these lands.”

  39. I choose you 230!

    • Okay! Here’s a line from page 230:

      “Take Rip with you,” Ash said. “He’ll keep you out of trouble.”
      “Get us into trouble, you mean,” Fer muttered.

  40. Page 49, please! Incredibly excited about this, and I loved “Thrice Sworn” as well as the other two books. (Also very happy that two of your books are coming out it 2014. It’s going to be a lovely year for children’s literature.)

    • What a lovely comment–THANK you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Thrice Sworn.” It was very fun to write. Okay! A line from p 49:

      Our oaths bind us together, the crow-woman had said. When an oath is broken there is a price. And it is always more than the oath-breaker can pay.

  41. avatar Areth Lovejoy

    Wonderfully excited! Page 143, please!

    • Yay! Thanks for playing the sentence game. From page 143:

      Seeing Rook, the creature shrieked and skittered sideways off the couch, landing in a flustered heap on the floor. “The puck!” it wailed.

  42. 144, please

    • Sure thing! From p 144:

      Rook shrugged. “She’s saved my life five times, Scrawny. Me saving her once isn’t enough.”

  43. 258

    • Sure thing! From p 258:

      The pucks made a circle around them. Rook watched her warily.

    • Eric, you’re a runner-up and win a copy of the Summerkin paperback. Congrats!

  44. The number 22, if you please,
    Can’t wait to read Moonkind!

    • Hey, thanks! I hope you enjoy it. From p 22:

      Rook stayed in his person form, shivering at the cold wind blowing across his shoulders.

  45. avatar ILuvPussies

    AHHHHHHH!I think Moonkind will be a lovely read as my January semester finals loom overhead.
    The cover is gorgeous.
    Page 193,please!

    • Alas, the contest has ended! Do stop by again sometime, because I’ll do another sentence game soon.

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