Bitter Kingdom–CONTEST OVER


Thanks for stopping by!  The contest for Bitter Kingdom ARC is OVER.  

Do stop by again for future sentence games!


Coming in September, it’s The Bitter Kingdom, the highly anticipated third book in Rae Carson‘s fabulous YA Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy.

Because of Rae’s well known fondness for the feline species, I am replacing the usual dog-with-ARC picture and instead present you with this:

I call it “KITTYRAGE.”

Or maybe it’s “KITTYLRRRVE.”  Seriously, my cat has a Thing for Hector.

YOU can win an ARC (an early review copy) of this book by playing the sentence game!

All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 433 and post it in the comments. I’ll respond with a sentence from that page in the book. When we’re all done (12:00 midnight on Friday), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner, and I will send you the book.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some Hectorlicious sneak peeks!

[Oh, and if two (or more!) people pick the same page, that’s fine–if that page number is the winner, I’ll just do another random generator thingie for that page.]

Good luck!

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  1. Aaaaah, The Bitter Kingdom!! *flails*

    My number choice is gonna be 42 (life, the universe and everything, you know…).

  2. Number 19

    • From p 19. Elisa is up to something:

      I sigh loudly. “Please, sire, I won’t cause any trouble. It’s just that my husband is still in there, snoring up a sandstorm, and I couldn’t take it a moment more.”

  3. I’m gonna go with 415! :)

    • Sure thing! From p 415. This is Hector’s POV. He’s just gotten punchy with the general:

      “Drag him outside,” I order, shaking out my hand.

  4. The Bitter Kingdom! So cloooooose!

    Because Pili has picked my usual favorite number (for the same reasons, hi friend!) I will go with 24.

  5. avatar Nancy Kelley

    263–it’s a happy prime, and just past the halfway point of the book.

  6. this is a fab idea, omg!
    anyway, i think i’ll go with 63~~

    • Coolio! From p 63, you go Elisa:

      Mostly, though, I want to see it because during the last year I have learned, through much heartbreak, that the things people work hardest to keep me ignorant of are the things most worth pursuing.

  7. My pick is 144.

    • Okay, I’m not even joking again, but 144 is BLANK. You want to try for another one?? 😀

      • I guess I’ll try 140. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not blank.

        • Eep! From p 140:

          Hector’s face is resigned, and I know he understands, even if the others don’t.

  8. My 20th birthday was yesterday, so I’m gonna have to go with 20! So excited for the book and I love the game idea!!!

  9. 26!

    • From p 26. HECTOR:

      The true power of a Royal Guardsman lies in observation, and they have not thought to blindfold me. Overconfident fools.

  10. What a fantastic idea!

    222 please.

    • From p 222!

      “I can’t outrun them right now,” I mutter to Hector.
      “Then we fight.”

  11. avatar Elizabeth Davis/Anderson

    I’m gonna guess 266! 😀

  12. Page 433 – I love last lines (as long as it’s not a spoiler…..)

    • Okay, no spoiler here. Much. From p 433, my book-boyfriend Hector speaking:

      “I am strong enough–man enough–to be subject to you.”

  13. Hmmm… How about page 394?

    • YEsssss. I’m giving you four sentences here because it’s such an awesome moment (srsly, I got chills reading this scene):

      I gaze out over the small sea of bowed heads, breathing deep of the moment, savoring it. My Guard. My people. My power.

  14. I just read The Girl of Fire and Thorns last week and loved it. I’ll be reading The Crown of Embers next week, so this contest could not come at a better time!

    How about 127?

  15. 255 :)

    • You got it! From p 255. A tense moment!

      She puts a finger to her lips and says softly, “We go quickly and quietly. Do not make a sound.”

  16. 200 please :)

    • 200 it is!

      “You will release these prisoners into my custody,” Storm says in a soft but lethal voice.

  17. Number 215. :)

    • Okay! From p 215 (and I wish I could put in the entire scene here, *sigh*):

      “Hold on! I’m coming,” Hector calls.

  18. This is a fantastic idea!!!
    Page 333, Please!

    • Okay, weird. Three people in a row just chose p 333. Which is okay, but WEIRD. From p 333:

      “Empress,” Hector whispers in my ear.

  19. 333….so excited!!!

    • Two 333’s in a row! But that’s okay. Elisa again:

      “You know what I’m capable of.”

  20. I”ll go with 333 (with hope that it is not a blank!)

    • From p 333, Elisa:

      “Please, put aside a few thousand years of mindless hatred toward me and my people and think for just a moment.”

  21. Page # 266

    • Oh, I saw that you said 266 is blank. How about 162?

      • :) Sure thing! From p 162:

        “You could not keep her against her will,” Storm says. “She is too powerful.”

  22. Oh, my book was just talking about Girl of Fire and Thorn last night. 137, please!

    • Book Club, I mean. Got far too excited there.

    • Lucky book group!! And okay, three lines from p 137 because Hector and Elisa.

      “Why are you staring at the commander?” says Mula, and I jump.
      “I’m not.”
      “Yes, you are.”

  23. Oh man, I already have chills just reading those small snippets. How about 376?

    • I know, right?

      And from p 376:

      Mara groans. “Sewers. Caves. Why does it always have to be sewers and caves?”

  24. 98, please!

  25. 318!

  26. I’m so excited for this book! 430?

    • It IS exciting! Okay, huge moment on this page, but I’m not putting it in for fear of spoilerage. Another line from p 430:

      So why am I restless?

  27. page 222 please :-)

  28. avatar Cleopatra Comnenos

    Bitter Kingdom. The book I want to read ASAP! I am thinking about 273.

  29. avatar Marie Jones


  30. Could I have 403 please?

  31. I’m going to say page 75. Can’t wait to read this!

  32. avatar Hannah Roberts

    The Bitter Kingdom is my most anticipated read this year! Crown of Embers killed me! Thanks for giving us a sneak peak. What about page 378?

    • From p 378:

      She is barely a mote in my vision, but Hector has the eyes of a hawk.

  33. SO excited for The Bitter Kingdom!!

    pg. 407, please:)

  34. 279!

    • You got it! From p 279:

      I know I’ll never do it, even though my current path means danger and maybe even death.

  35. Page…umm….430 :)

  36. Page #9 for me!

  37. 25

  38. Is it release day yet?! 81, please!

    • Not YET! From p 81:

      “God despises liars,” Storm says, and I shoot him a pained look.

  39. avatar Alexis Ciman

    CAN NOT WAIT! page 214

  40. avatar Janelle Leonard

    Can’t wait to read this! I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next!
    How about page: 224

    • Good choice! From p 224, Storm speaking:

      “Even though the sacrifice is dead, our nation need not perish.”

  41. 386

    • I can’t wait for the new book!(insert fan girl squeal here)

    • Squees back! From p 386:

      The guard clears his throat. “Would you mind … for our record-keeping, you see … telling us what took you away from the city?”

  42. You all should have played this right and kept guessing the same page. I want someone of page 376!

  43. Page 6? (So close to the beginning, but 6 is my favorite/lucky number so.)

    • Excellent choice! From p 6, Elisa and Storm here:

      He’s right, but I’m not giving him the satisfaction of conceding.

  44. avatar HILLARY REYNA

    PG. 300…

    Hope it’s not blank :)

  45. 399! 😀

    • Sure thing! From p 399 (tunnels again, Mara!):

      Hector will take his most seasoned warriors through the tunnels that lead to the catacombs and into the palace.

  46. Oh oh I lovee Hector I MEAN, THIS SERIES. THIS SERIES. And Hector. *sigh* It all comes back to Hector o_o Tehehe.

    Page 190? :O

  47. 58. Giddy-up!

    • From p 58:

      One of the greatest frustrations about being the only chosen one in four generations is that there is no one to tell me what to do.

  48. I’m going to go with 55

  49. avatar sally dorsey


  50. avatar Georgia Beaverson

    How about 22?

  51. 88!

  52. How about 31?

  53. Page 5

  54. I’m going with page 288

  55. I think Pili explained my own reaction pretty well. 😀


  56. avatar Melissa Ann

    Page 85?

  57. So fun to read all the snippets! I’ll go with 314. :)

    • Isn’t it! A great bunch of sneak-peeks for the book! From p 314:

      The last time I was here I was placed under house arrest, and the first boy I ever loved was murdered.

  58. Number 88!

    • Sure! From p 88:

      I can’t be slowed down, and I can’t worry about yet another life.

  59. Number 369! 😀

    • I’m having too much with the little snippets! I don’t know what I’d do when we finally get the whole book!

  60. I love this series. YOU are so amazing for humoring us. Thank you! How about 277?

    • Aw, thanks! From p 277:

      “Mara, can you get a fire going?” Hector asks. “I need to heat up my dagger.”

  61. My lucky number! 20! :)

    • Hope it’s lucky this time! From p 20:

      “The horses will panic. They’ll be impossible to catch.”

  62. Oh man this is the hardest choice I’ve had to do! Um page 355 please? Thank you!

  63. 272

  64. Page 111

    Thanks for sharing the teasers and the giveaway!

  65. 416. I cannot wait for this book!

    • Not long now! From p 416:

      “Welcome, queenling,” Eduardo says, his close-cropped beard twitching with amusement.

  66. Oh. My. What’s with all the blank pages? Last time I read blank pages in a book, someone was supposedly dead!

    Anyway, page 3! (We’ll go with the beginning. =D)

  67. Clever give-away method.

    How about page 234?

    • Glad you like it! From p 234:

      Hector sits on a nearby boulder, scraping one of his daggers with a whetstone.

  68. Gosh this is the best idea ever! Just made me like 30 times more excited for the book to come out!!

    Okay, how about page #118?

    • 😀 P 118 sounds good to me!

      The cold is so overwhelming, so everywhere present, that I almost don’t notice when my Godstone turns icy with warning.

  69. I pick number 259.
    Can’t wait for the book to come out!!!!!!!!

  70. avatar Vivianne Saldana

    Oh, I’m SO nervous. Okay. Number 136. Love you, Hector!

    • Ah, Hector! From p 136. You’ll have to wait to see what he’s talking about here. 😀

      “As my queen commands.”

  71. number 250!

  72. 320! Just because nobody ever thinks about 320.

  73. This is such a cool idea! #134, please!

    • 😀 From p 134:

      “The truth, Hector, is that it scares me, how powerful I’ve become.”

  74. 73 please

  75. avatar Kesi Rivera

    264….. I think? lol

  76. avatar Michelle Bitner Smith

    Page 73, please. That’s the number that just popped into my head.

    • An excellent choice! From p 73:

      “By your leave,” Storm says, “I’d like to find a barber to trim this loathsome black from my hair.”

  77. avatar Tracy Cornelius

    Page 4

  78. What a wonderful contest. Thank you!
    Page 99 please.

    • Thanks for playing! From p 99:

      Between jagged peaks, we catch glimpses of storm clouds that are blue near to black and crackling with lightning.

  79. pg. 299

    • From p 299!

      “Maybe scorpions are edible,” Belen says, and we all shoot him a collective glare.

  80. 417! :) (loving the kitteh pic, btw)

    • The kitteh approves of your approval! From p 417:

      “You just admitted treason.”

  81. 215 please :-)

  82. Page 307 Please

    • From p 307!

      “Please tell me it doesn’t involve a cave or sewer,” Mara says.

  83. I just saw that you said page 266 is blank! So my new number is 354. Thank you!

    • From p 354. Hoo boy, there’s a big spoiler on this page. Which I’m not going to post here. Instead:

      “I accept,” Storm says, with a slight lowering of his head. Just enough deference, I note, to show respect without appearing cowed.

  84. 77 :)

  85. 39…a special birtday coming up.

    • Maybe it’ll be the winnah!

      I’m somehow more horrified by this killing than the other two.

  86. 2. I’ll bet a whole lot of not much is happening yet.

    • Oh, you’d be surprised! From p 2:

      I stop cold and spin, anger bubbling in my chest.

  87. This is so much harder than i thought it would be!
    but i choose 17! (hopefully im not too late!)

  88. I love this series! How about 288?

    • 😀 Sure thing! From p 288, and it was hard to keep from putting this one in ALL CAPS:

      The mother of all scorpions.

  89. Page 194

    • Okay! From p 194:

      The arrow zings through the air, cracks against the window, glances off and whirls end over end to the ground.

  90. avatar marcia mendoza


    • “I was trained to defend myself and to kill without hesitation because I am a prince of the realm.”

  91. Is 99 taken?

    • Somebody else chose it, but that’s okay! From p 99:

      Though we bought Mula a pair of sturdy bots in the last village, they always end up tied over the pommel of Mara’s horse.

  92. P. 432

    Should be interesting :)

  93. Agh, it’s midnight right now where I am! If it’s not too late, I choose 11, which has always been my favorite number. (oddly enough, also the answer to my security question).

    • Close enough! From p 11:

      “I’ll stand with Storm,” Mara says. “Or hide nearby and shoot arrows from the ridge.”

  94. I’m going with # 1

    • Ooh. From p 1:

      Otherwise he dies, and the country we’ve sacrificed so much to save descends into civil war.

  95. Page 123 please! 😀

    • Page 123!

      I take the barest moment to catch my breath before whispering, “I’ll find Hector.”

  96. avatar Tharshini Ganesan

    My number would be 257. Thanks

    • You got it! From p 257:

      A great crack rends the air, followed by the smack of branches and a muffled crash.

  97. 8 please.

    • ello! The contest is overrrrr! Do stop by again sometime for the next sentence game!

  98. avatar Sarita Lopez


  99. I’m so excited for the book!!! Number 419…

  100. avatar chanel west

    page 402

    • Hey, the contest is long over! But try again soon–I’ll be giving away a new ARC this week!

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