Summerkin sentence game!

In just a couple of weeks, Fer and Rook’s adventures continue in Summerkin, a companion book to Winterling, and to celebrate, I’m giving away a signed first edition hardcover.  Here is my adorable dog Fin with the book:

(Fin and Rook would be best friends.)

You can take Fin’s place in this picture by entering the sentence contest!

All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 260 and post it in the comments. I’ll respond with a line from that page in the book. When we’re all done (12:00 midnight on Friday), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner. Be sure to include your email when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some sneaky-puck sneak peeks!

[Oh, and if two (or more!) people pick the same page, that’s fine–if that page number is the winner, I’ll just do another random generator thingie for that page.]

Good luck!

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  1. avatar Cody Beckman


    • avatar Cody Beckman

      (and first comment)

    • There’s ALWAYS a geek who plays that number!

      Okay, a sentence (or three) from page 42:

      In the doorway, Fray shook her head. “That puck is going, isn’t he?”
      “Yes,” Fer admitted.

  2. Can’t waaaaaaaait!! I choose 217.

    • Yay! Here’s a line from page 217 (she’s talking to Rook, o’ course):

      “Hmm.” Grand-Jane reached for another bag of dried herbs. “Maybe some peppermint to help with the crankiness.”

      • Ha ha ha that line is perfect for me. So glad to see Grand-Jane again, too.

  3. 212! (Although I don’t want to be entered in the contest.)

    • Got it! From page 212:

      “I know you’re out there, Rook,” she said quietly, but loud enough for his dog-ears to hear.

  4. Can’t wait to read the book!

    My number is 9.


    • Thanks for playing!! From page 9:

      Our oaths and our rules bind us together, the Mór had told her once.

  5. avatar Shelly Rae clift

    I’ll play!


    • Yay! From page 259:

      “Everything’s okay?” Fer asked.
      “Yup,” Fray said. “All well.”

  6. avatar Kimberly Cowger

    I LOVE autographed books! My autographed copy of The Magic Thief with a secret coded message is my favorite!

    Page 99 please and thank you!

    • And I LOVE writing those secret messages! 😀
      From page 99:

      “It’s going to be a wet ride,” Fer murmured, and patted Phouka’s neck. “Maybe muddy, too. Are you sure you don’t mind running the race with me?”

  7. I AM SO EXCITED about this book! *\o/*

    My number is 135. 😀

    • Hm! And I believe your name is in the acks, too! :)

      From page 135:

      Fer set down her bow and arrows and went to Lich. As she reached out to steady his shoulder, he tipped over onto the grass.

  8. avatar Paula Loewen

    Lets go with 19. :).

    • Sure thing! A line from page 19:

      When she righted herself, she found Rook was watching her, a gleam of mischief in his flame-bright eyes.

  9. 234

    • Thanks for playing!! From page 234:

      “Be ready!” Fer shouted. “They are coming!”

  10. YAY! This is always my favorite contest (though I’ve already ordered the book, so you don’t need to actually enter me :))


    • La! From page 148:

      Aren stepped closer and whispered, so only Fer could hear. “I am beginning to think, my dear girl, that perhaps you are more dangerous than you realize.”

  11. No need to enter me in the contest, of course, but I want to play!

    29 (which is the answer to the Security Question)

    • Hm, no. You get a line from page 199:

      In the back of the cart, a scruffy brown dog poked its nose out another window. It sniffed at Rook, and then broke into frenzied barking.
      “Dozer!” the human man shouted. “You shut up back there, hear?”
      The dog strained toward Rook and its barking grew even more shrill.
      Rook felt the hairs on the back of his neck bristle. “Grrr,” he growled at the little dog, narrowing his eyes.
      The dog gave a yelp and cowered away.

  12. Well since i haven’t got the change to read winterling yet (stupid bookshops don’t sell good stuff) :( i would like a line of p1 :p

    • From page one!!

      The horse shook his head and spat something from his mouth, and the air around him blurred and a boy with black hair and yellow eyes caught the shifter-bone he’d spat out and shoved it into the pocket of his ragged shorts.

      • Well that 1 line is enough to convince me it doesn’t matter how long it’s gonna take but i want this book! (and your previouw books helped convincing to ;p )

  13. Btw why don’t you ever do a bigger giveaway like you did for librarians but then for children? :( aint fair :(

    • Right now I only have one copy of the book! It’s not out until April.

      • Yea i know but just like do it then maybe?…( if you want to of course) I would love to read summerkin (or winterling since i just can’t seem to find it and my parents don’t trust online shops :( )

  14. avatar Jodi Kenney

    I LOVE when you do these giveaways! Page 16 please and thank you! :)

    • :) From page 16:

      Rook crouched and glared down at Fer. “Stupid wolves,” he growled.

  15. Page 188, please!!!

    • Thanks for playing! From page 188:

      It was strange how all the pucks really did look like brothers.

  16. Hmmm, most of my favourite numbers are gone, d’oh! I’ll go for page 8 then ^_~ Is the giveaway international, by the way, or just US?

    • Sure, international is fine! Page eight it is:

      Then all fell quiet, the clearing filling up like a cup with stillness.

  17. 228

    • Page 228!

      She saw Rook close his eyes and let out a breath, as if he’d been bracing himself against a terrible weight and it had suddenly been lifted.

  18. avatar Regina Harris

    Number 8, for my son who is suffering with a terrible head cold.

    • Ah, poor Charlie!! From page 8:

      Fer saw wise old faces watching her with eyes that glimmered like stars reflected in deep water.

  19. avatar Daniel Catanese

    I choose 13, which is probably not the best choice since it’s the unlucky number.

    • Hi there!!!!!!

      Who knows, maybe this time it’s lucky. Here it is, a line from page 13:

      All of the people of the Summerlands had been slaves to the Mor, bound by their oaths to serve her, even though she was evil. “Why do you want to be bound like that again?” Fer asked. “It’s wrong.”

  20. 260, please ; )

    • ?

    • Sure thing! From page 206:

      Some of the pucks hurried out the back of the cave; some came with Fer, edging down the side of the darkly shadowed cliff to the ground, where an anxious Fray and Twig waited, and Phouka, who tossed his head and gave a joyful whinny when he saw them. The pucks shouted back to him–Finn! Brother!

  21. My number is 245

    • Hi Bev!! Thanks for planign. From page 245:

      Rook would be ravenous when he woke up. Maybe they could find some rabbits to eat–that’s what he liked.

  22. Are we too late? We’re in Australia and I’ve only just seen the message. Our number is: 178. Fingers crossed. :-)

    • Not too late! Here’s a line from page 178:

      “He can’t live there for very long. Arenthiel sent the puck into the human world to die.”

  23. 142–I’d love to get my copies of The Magic Thief series signed. Do you ever come out to Utah?

    • Thanks for asking!! I’ve never been to Utah, alas, but I’d love to visit someday. AND a line from page 142:

      Somebody kicked the bottom of his foot, and Rook bolted upright, suddenly awake.

  24. Page 92! Thanks!

    • Sure thing! A line from page 92:

      “I am Gnar of the Drylands,” the girl announced in a crackling voice. “I am kin of the Lord there, and I seek to win a glamorie and a land of my own.”

  25. 32

    • Got it (I deleted your other comments with the other number…). From page 32:

      Rook gave a shaky sigh. He was a puck, and they were his brother-pucks; they knew him better than anybody.

  26. avatar Jane Carlson

    This is great! All your quotes have been terrific (and intriguing). Let’s try 27.

    • Thanks for playing! I’m definitely going for “intriguing” here. 😀 From page 27:

      Asher gripped Rook’s shoulders and looked him over, his eyes narrowing when he saw the scars from the wolf bites. “Ah, it’s our young Rook, come home at last,” he said. “How we’ve missed you!”

      • avatar Jane Carlson

        Excellent–and definitely intriguing. Can’t wait to read the whole book. Thanks!

  27. Page 121, please.

    Can’t wait to read this!

    • Yay! Thanks for entering. Here’s a line from page 121 (this is Rook, being pursued):

      Finally he slowed, spat out the dog-tooth, and as he shifted, swung himself into the boughs of a tree. Crouching there, he muffled his panting breath in his sleeve and listened for the sound of pursuit.

    • Good grief. I posted that with three words missing. Updated and corrected!

  28. Love Winterling, can’t wait for Summerkin!
    Page 13!

    • Yay! Thanks for entering. From page 13:

      Fray stared. “They asked to swear their oaths and you said no?”
      Fer’s heart sank. “That’s right. I said no.”

  29. I loved the Magic Thief series so far! And Winterling is also going very, very, very well. I actually like Rook the best. I choose page 242.

    • Truly, I like Rook the best too. He’s very fun to write! And a line from page 242:

      Gnar ripped off the last of the glamorie and dropped it to the grass. The ground opened where it landed and swallowed the glamorie up.

  30. avatar Olivia Fowler

    243 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by, O! From page 243 (this is where Fer makes her colossal mistake):

      “We promise to remove the glamories,” they swore, a binding oath.

  31. 49. And I was just wondering, do you know what that little soot gremlin on your “publication date” post from last year comes from a Japanese Anime studio?

    • I’m a huge Miyazaki fan, Tasha! It’s actually fan art (the link is in there somewhere, I think) from Deviant Art.

      Anyway, a line from page 49:

      Rook grinned at him and Phouka stamped a hoof in reply and snorted. Phouka knew his brother-puck well enough to know he was up to no good.

      • Deviant Art has great fanart. And I love Miyazaki too, especially Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky.

  32. Hi Sarah I love your books, both Winterling and Magic Thief! Page 22 please if it isn’t too late. When is Moonkind published please?Many thanks from UK xx

    • Oh, I’m sorry it’s too late! The contest ended at midnight on Friday :( I think Moonkind is out in the UK the same time as in the US–January 2014. Thanks for asking!

  33. Hi again sarah your number generator got us a winner already?

  34. col who won it (i didn’t like at all your stuff of course….)

  35. avatar Vanessa Dargain

    Spring Greetings Sarah !
    I’m remain a die hard MAGIC THIEF fan . Although the book reviews of SUMMERKIN are beginning to get me interested
    in checking out it’s text . I choose page 139 .

    See Ya ,

    Vanessa Dargain

    • I remain a die hard MAGIC THIEF fan, although the book reviews of
      SUMMERKIN are beginning to get me interested in it’s text . Rats!!!
      I wish I had known about the contest sooner . I belatedly choose
      page 139 . HA HA HA .

      See Ya ,

      Vanessa Dargain

      • Hi Vanessa!!!!!! Sorry you missed the contest. I’m sending the book to the winner (Jane) tomorrow. Next time, maybe!?

      • ACK!

        Vanessa, I *just* found this comment in my “pending” file–so sorry to have missed it!! I have a postcard to send to you–will get to it as soon as I get past a couple of big deadlines. Cheerio!

  36. Hi sarah you remeber working togheter with artix entertainment? well they seem to like your release cause their next one is like a sequel to how it ended back then

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