A Summerkin Day!

Today is the release date for the second book in the Winterling trilogy!  Welcome to the world, Summerkin!

As is traditional on this date, I blog the dedication and acknowledgements page from the book because even though I write the words, a lot of other people helped turn it into a book.


To Greg van Eekhout.

All the bunnies in this book, both alive and dead, are for you.


To this book’s intrepid first readers: Greg van Eekhout, Deb Coates, Rae Carson, and Jenn Reese.

To my editor, Antonia Markiet, whose wise guidance helped me unravel this book and knit it back together again.

To my agent, Caitlin Blasdell, whose critiques always make me a stronger writer.  Thanks, too, to the Liza Dawson Associates agency.

To the wonderful HarperCollins team, starting with associate editor Rachel Adams, and then editor Alyson Day, copy editor Kathryn Silsand, editorial director Phoebe Yeh, publisher Susan Katz, art director Amy Ryan and senior designer Tom Forget, production supervisor Lucille Schneider, publicist Olivia DeLeon and cover artist Jason Chan.

To Connie Mutel, whose book The Emerald Horizon: The History of Nature in Iowa has shaped my understanding of what it means for land to be tame, and for it to be wild.

To Dozer van Eekhout-Will of the flopped-over ear.

Jon Michael Hansen for archery, Jennifer Adam for horsery, Deb Coates for doggery.

To my parents, my grrrl-power sisters–Kate, Maude, and Winnie–and to my husband and wildling children.

Ingrid, is it time for lunch?

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

    • I saw this and that it was fantasy, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE so, so much. AND that Kristin Cashore had a quote, which pehsud it up on my must-read list a little bit. Great choice! ~Asheley (Into the Hall of Books)

  2. Congratulations, Sarah!

  3. Congratulations Sarah, I am really excited to read your newest book!

    • Hey! This sounds rlaley good and the cover is so stunning. I always need new fantasy books in my life so thanks for bringing this one to my attention. I am definitely adding it to my list!Thanks for stopping by and following. Followed you back! :)

  4. this post makes me depri :( can’t even seem to get winterling how long will it take then to get summerkin :( :(

  5. I have a son who is fascinated with coplohepods. I purchased your book second-hand only to find that it was an autographed copy! In a prior lifetime I was a librarian, but I had never seen your book before. I’ve just finished reading it for myself, and I will pass it along to my son afterwards. He’s too old for it, but will enjoy it just the same, I think.I have always loved Norse mythology. I’ll look for Norse Code; I am really looking forward to it.Thanks for the pleasure you have already given me, and for what is to come, as well.

    • Thanks for the comment! You must be thinking of my great friend Greg van Eekhout’s Kid vs Squid, which I’ve certainly read many times–it’s a terrific book! I hope your son enjoys it. He might like Greg’s other book for young readers, The Boy at the End of the World.

  6. I adored Winterling and Summerkin, and I’ve preordered Thrice Sworn. These books have provided much needed entertainment during the long wait until the fourth Magic Thief book. Thanks soo much.

  7. YAY!

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