It’s Winterling Paperback Day–With Give-away!!

Today–February 5–Winterling is out in paperback.  This edition has extras in the back including a what-wilding-animal-are-you quiz and an interview between Rook and Grand Jane (if you’ve read the book already, you’ll probably guess that Rook is obnoxious in this one).  

To celebrate, inspired by Jenn Reese (to whom the book is dedicated), I’m giving away 20 (TWENTY!!!) copies of the Winterling paperback today.  But there are rules.  Rook would not follow these rules–truly, he would scoff at them–but you must swear an oath to abide by them.

The give-away is for TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS (or homeschooling parents) who know a student who will enjoy reading Winterling.  Basically I’ll send you (teachers and librarians) a free copy to give to a kid reader.

All you have to do to enter, teacher or librarian or homeschooling parent, is comment with your school address, and I will send the copy to you.  If you’re not comfortable posting a school address here, you’re welcome to email me instead at

If you’re a kid reader, it’s okay to get a teacher or librarian to enter for you!

Also, if you’ve read this far, you have a chance for an extra prize.  ONE entrant will also receive an ARC (advanced copy) of the next book in the series, Summerkin.  All you have to do is mention “Summerkin” in your email or comment.

Good luck!



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  1. I would love to have a copy to give away to one of my students during Children’s Book Week in May. We do lots of things to celebrate and I give prizes. One year I had several students dress up as characters from your Magic Thief series. I’d also love an ARC of Summerkin.

    Beverly Archer
    Academy Endeavour Elementary School
    3475 Hampton Park Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920

    • You got it, Bev!! I was hoping you’d enter. A copy will be on its way soon!

  2. I’m a middle school librarian and I can think of a number of students who would love to have their very own copy! Thanks so much! Summerkin sounds delightful as well! :)

    Heidi Zweifel
    Milton Middle School
    20 E. Madison Ave.
    Milton, WI 53563

    • Yay! Thanks for entering, Heidi. I’ll send off a copy before the end of the week!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I am a FB friend of Eugene Myers, I saw his share this morning and I’m so excited to have “discovered” you. :-) We live on a sailboat, currently based in the Caribbean and I home-school my 9 yr old daughter, Katie. Like most cruising kids, she’s a voracious reader and I have no doubt she will love your series. We have a post-office box address in the US:

    Lynette Aspey
    7582 NW 74th Ave
    MEDLEY FLORIDA 33166-24231

    Thank you so much for considering us!

    If you would like to “meet” Katie, I included one of her stories on my blog, (just scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find her there):

    Kind regards, Lyn.

    • AWESOME!! I was hoping a homeschooler would enter (I homeschooled my kid for two years–we had the best time!). Great story–and I hope she enjoys Winterling!!

  4. Thank you so much Sarah. Katie will be thrilled when I tell her that not only has she won a copy of your book (a nice boost, just before we open her maths books! LOL) but that you liked her story too. We both appreciate it very much and will look forward to our copy with great anticipation. Cheers, Lyn.

    • Excellent! My friend Jenn asks if she can send a copy of her wonderful book ABOVE WORLD to Katie, too. Here’s a description:

      • Oh, wow!! Sarah this is wonderful. I’m will send Jenn a message of thanks. What a thrill for a little girl who sometimes feels a bit cut off (all her mates are cruising kids and we sometimes head off in different directions). I keep telling her … stories connect. Now she’ll have something to share with her friends when we meet up again. :-)

  5. I’m an English teacher; I have a student in mind from my school, one who will love Winterling. But is it okay if I keep Summerkin for myself and my son? We’re so eager to read it!!…

    • Sure, Jo, if the random number gives up your number!

      Send along your address and I’ll pop a copy in the mail asap.

  6. Yea! A great book for our classroom library! “Summerkin” sounds like a magic word inviting an ARC into our hands….
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Karla Duff @ teacher6th
    300 12th AVE
    Oelwein, Iowa 50662

  7. avatar Christine P.

    We would love a copy! We love your books in our library. I am sending our affress to your email.

  8. Hi Sarah you might know me from som months ago with the aqw event etc well i checked yor site and was happy to see you had final posted somethig new. til i tarted to read… why dont you organise somehing for kids to? i’m 14 years old and love your books but cause of my age it’s ambarrasing to ask an teacher to enter here for me :( i guess i just aint lucky ..well at least i’m glad you finnaly post something again
    Greetz Kobe

    • Well i guess i just gotta wait till summerskin and winterling are released in my country i think that’l be when i’m around 6 :(

      • 16* stupid keyboard!!!

        • Hi Kobe–Ah, I see what happened. The “comments” on this entry got locked somehow. I had to go into the dashboard to post this. What country are you in? I can let you know if/when W’Ling and Summerkin are coming out there…

          If you can’t reply here (because of locked comments), do it on the cover post, okay?

  9. I hope I’m not too late! My students would love to read Winterling! I read last year and really enjoyed it. I would be excited for the opportunity to win Summerkin for my classroom too!! THanks!

    J.F. Burns Elementary
    8471 Columbia Road
    Maineville, Ohio 45039

  10. I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes in my previous post my keyboard has some troubles :s

  11. My daughter Megan loves your books (I believe you just added her on Goodreads) and would love a copy of Winterling, if it’s still available. We homeschool our four children, and all of them are enthusiastic readers. Megan is very excited for Summerkin to come out, and would be thrilled if she were to win the ARC! :)

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