Free Skype visits!

This is a post for teachers and librarians, but there’s also a note for kid readers at the end.

Teachers and librarians!  During the school year I do free Skype visits with classes or book groups that have read one of the Magic Thief books or Winterling.  I am schedulinging visits for 2012-13 now (I’ll continue to schedule them as the year goes on, so don’t worry if you’re seeing this notice late).

More information about Skype visits is here:

Just pop me an email at

Homeschool groups are welcome, too!  (I’m a former homeschooler)

So are schools/libraries anywhere in the world (as long as the kids speak English, that is).

Kid readers!  If your class or book group is reading one of my books, be sure to ask your teacher or librarian to set up a Skype!  I’d love to meet you!!



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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Do you ever do school visits in person? Skype visits are awesome but I know some kids who would love the chance to meet you in real life. :)

    • Yes, I do school visits, but for those I charge a fee, plus travel. With budgets so tight, i know a lot of schools/libraries would rather do Skype.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. So wish I were a teacher so I could take you up on this.

  3. avatar Dara Klinkner

    Can you do a Skype visit with 1 or 2 people? I’d love to meet you with one of my friends. :)

    • avatar Dara Klinkner

      And I am homeschooled, so we could do whatever time.

    • Hm! Dara, I’ve never been asked that before. If you did it as a unit for school and did the visit with your parent/teacher, we could certainly do it!

  4. hi Sarah it’s me again i was wondering or you have any better idea on the release of the 4th the magic thief book? Btw me and a friend of mine wanna write some things to but can you give us a tip about how far we should go with details?greetz Kobe

    • Hiya Kobe! Still Fall 2012 for the fourth MT book. I wish it were sooner! I’ll try to respond to your email about the game later today. It’s a little tricky… Talk to you soon!

  5. avatar Dara Klinkner

    Hi again Sarah!
    I emailed you about setting up a time for Skyping together, can’t wait!


  7. I wasn’t sure if you got my first email Sarah, so I sent you anouther one. Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it?

    • I did! Don’t worry, I’ll write back soon. Tomorrow I’ve got a big presentation, and then I’ll have time to catch up on my email. Hang in there!

  8. It’s so lucky for me to find your blog! So great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.

  9. ow ok i’ll try it again late rwhen ym hotmail is less bugged (like after next update) but i hav ea question why dont you make a forum for the readers cause now we can only react on youre posts and sometmes cant react for a month orso thx to closed comments … greetz Kobe

  10. Ugh I use my Mom’s email and she deleted the one u sent me! AGH!

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