Publication date for the fourth Magic Thief book

Okay, I know you guys aren’t going to like this much, but I’ve got a publication date for the fourth Magic Thief book, and I’m very happy about it, and I’ll tell you why.

Chimney Swifts (as it’s currently known) will be out in Fall 2014.  Two and a half years from now.  I know–it’s a long time to wait!  But I’m happy with this date, and here’s why:  I have two other books that have to come out before that.  Winterling was out in January 2012.  Its sequel, The Summerkin, will be out in around May 2013.  And then the third book in that trilogy (it doesn’t have a title yet), is out in January 2014.  Chimney Swifts just can’t come out until all three books in the Winterling trilogy have been published.

Really, it’s awesome that my publisher is willing to put out two books by me in the same year, one in January 2014 and one in Fall 2014.  Usually it’s just one book per year.

I’m just glad I don’t have to wait until 2015!  (though I hate to tell you–if you’re in a country other than the US, it probably WILL be 2015…!)

Meanwhile, what do you think (based on previous blog about the cover for Chimney Swifts):

Amethyst for the cover?


Or slowsilver?

Or maybe bricks?


Or sooty black?

(The sootball picture is called “Lone Soot” by evilmuffins on Deviantart)


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  1. I’m glad to hear that a date’s been set for the next Magic Thief!
    And I’m glad to hear that there are dates for the rest of the Winterling trilogy! I just finished Winterling and I loved it :)

    As far as covers go, I really like the idea of amethyst or quicksilver!

    • Thanks for commenting, Sharon! And it’s SO great to hear that you enjoyed W’LING, too.

      I like the quicksilver, too, but I suspect it might be a bit pricey… 😀

  2. Glad you have a date though wish we didn’t have to wait so long. For your cover, I like the amethyst or quicksilver too.

    • Natalie, you’re so great for stopping by here so often! Thanks!

      It IS a long time to wait–even harder for the kid readers, for whom two years is a LONG time. Alas!

  3. I was *going* to say bricks, but then I saw the coal thingy from ‘Spirited Away’. So that gets my vote. 😛

    I can’t waiiit for Magic Thief 4!

    • Stefannnnn!!!

      On Facebook my editor asked if she should take the sootball picture to a cover meeting, and I was like, “swoon!!!”

  4. AMETHEST COVER! Must go make a blog post about this!

  5. Uknow, Its times like this when an Amazon Kindle comes in handy, you can just Order the book online and get it on your kindle on the same day it releases! If you dont have a kindle you can Get kindle for PC or the kindle app…

    • I have a Nook, actually, and have pre-ordered two books already. I can’t wait until they come out!

  6. while I’m disappointed that it’ll come out in 2 years, I know that it’ll be well worth the wait. I’m a fan lucky enough to have decided that the first book (then labeled “new”) was interesting enough to take out from the library. I’ve been reading the sequels as they came out and am really excited for #4!
    As for the cover, I think slowsilver spilled on amethyst would look awesome!

  7. Its a long time to wait but I am delighted to have a solid date and even more delighted to get the treat of another Magic Thief book. Just received Winterling in the mail and will be reading it soon.

    As for the cover, I can not decide. Amethyst or slowsilver?

    Thanks for the great books!

  8. black. so excited!

  9. Super excited about the 4th Magic Thief book, but was soooo sad when I saw the date. Then I thought about the fact that I will have the new Winterling books to fill the void and re-reads of MT, and felt better. Yay!!!

  10. I’m sad I have to wait cuz I’ve been buggin about book 4 for a month and I think u should do a slowsilver and amythest bricks for the cover cover and I’m planning on getting Winterling for my next book 😉

    • Hiya Ashley! I’m glad you’re going to give Winterling a try. Let me know how it goes!

      • im still thinking that slow silver and amythst bricks would look AWESOME;-)

        • Hey, did I tell you that my editor read this blog post? She said she’s going to take the picture of the little sootball dude to the cover-decision meeting–and the rest of the ideas, too. That won’t happen for a while, but it’ll be interesting to see what they decide. Maybe they’ll even come and read your comments here! 😀

  11. Hi Sarah, how are you? It will be a long time until Chimney Swifts comes out, but it’s better than never! Can’t wait to read it. I think slow silver will be an unique color for the cover, completely different from the other cover colors of the Magic Thief series. Good luck on everything and take care! :)

  12. You know Sarah, its alright really. We have a date to look forward to and you will give us some great books to keep us at bay in between. I just told the kids and they are really thrilled (even though they’ll be much older by then 😉 ).

    As for the book cover, maybe it could be amethyst with some slowsilver leaking down onto the cover. I think that would look great!


    • Chantal, that’s what I worry about–that the kid readers of the first three books will feel like they’re too old for the fourth. The first came out in 2008, after all, and 2014 is eight years later. (Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!!). On the other hand, maybe there will be a new generation of kid readers. I hope so!

      And slowsilver/amethyst would be absolutely *stunning*.

  13. Wow – that’s a long time to wait, but we’ll all hang in there. Another great ya fiction (or teen fiction) book I’m reading – The Creed Griffon Series is only on the first book. But I’m anxiously waiting for the second book of the series to hit the shelves. That’s my life – always waiting for something :)

  14. I’m pretty new to the Magic Thief series, having only discovered it last month, and I was thrilled to learn about the upcoming fourth book. Waiting will be tough, but like Rainbow above, I know it’ll be worth it!

    All of these options would make attractive covers, but my vote is for the amethyst or the slowsilver. Or maybe the brick… I’d better click the “submit” button now.

    • Hee! I feel the same way, Christina: I love all the suggestions and can see any of them working really well.

      So glad you’re enjoying the MT series so far! Writing them has been *so* incredibly fun. 😀

  15. avatar Kimberly Jewell

    awww… but that’s such a long wait… I’ll be half way through my time at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh by then…

    how about the cover being brick that has soot on it in places? to kind of make it look like a sooty chimney

    • Yeah, it’s long…but hey, it’s not as long as I worried it would be!!

      And an artist’s eye for the cover!! If my publisher keeps the title Chimney Swifts, the sooty bricks would be perfect. I hope they do!!!

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