Magic Thief event is live at AQ!!!

For those of you who are already AQ players–welcome to my site!  If you have any questions about Conn or magic or the Wellmet world, here is the place to ask (in the comments).

To readers of the Magic Thief books, if you want to quest with Conn, you can play a free Magic Thief adventure at Adventure Quest.  It’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game enjoyed by millions of players around the world.  It’s free to register!  You can go on a biscuit hunt, battle misery eels, and join Conn and AQ wizards on a quest to find out who’s stealing the magic in the combined Wellmet-Lore worlds.



Battle on!


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  1. sounds great! one question though, remember a few posts back when you said thanks for doing a blog post about Chimney Swifts? did you actually see my blog post?!?!=D

    • I did!! Didn’t I leave a comment saying thanks? I *meant* to do that. So I’ll do it now instead: THANKS!!

  2. Sarah, this looks truly amazing!!! And who wouldn’t want to go on a biscuit hunt?

    Congratulations on the brand-new virtual Magic Thiefery!


  3. That’s so awesome. I don’t have time to play games sadly, but I bet the kids who love your books will love it.

    • Thanks! I hope they do, anyway. It’s a mix of the Wellmet world and Lore, the game-world, and it’s pretty cool.

  4. You are a amazing writer and can’t wait for the magic thief and I think you should have his dragon fall in love and have it try getting away so he can see her but he can’t of coarse

    • Okay, Brandon–you’re the first person to suggest dragon lurrrrve, which is awesome. There’s just one thing. There aren’t any “he” or “she” dragons, just “it” dragons. Take a close look at the book, and you’ll see. I’m not sure what that means for dragons’ falling in love… !

  5. avatar kobe liesenborgs

    hi here i ma again i agree with brandon for a nice end you couldlet em find another dragon and make new citys so all magic turns good and the world is happy and ok

  6. Are you planning to moe cross-over stuff with Adventure Quest Worlds

    • *change moe to do more

    • Thanks for asking! Right now, Artix and I don’t have any further plans, but you never know! If the event goes over really well, maybe we’ll do more Conn/Wellmet/Lore events. Working with the Artix people was great, so I’d gladly work with them again. 😀

  7. Hey, I’m a long time fan of Artix entertainment and fantasy books.
    I’d just like to say that I’m really enjoying this release(except for several glitches/bugs. I look forward to reading your book series. 😀
    P.S I think its cool that the town in your book is called Wellmet and the main town in Lore is Battleon. It makes Artix’s world and yours flow together nicely. :)

    • Hiya! Thanks for the comment. IMO, Artix did a fabulous job combining the Wellmet/Lore worlds. I hope the bugs/lag gets worked out soon. :)

      • I’m also a long time Artix Entertainment fan and i have also read your books. They are so amazingly good. One problem is I can’t find your books in Vietnam (my home country and where i now live) in english. But still, AMAZING BOOKs

        • Thanks, Anh!

          The books are out in Vietnamese (the last two covers on this page:, but I don’t know about availability in English there. Maybe only at an English-language specialty bookstore, if there is such a thing…

          • I have seen them in Vietnamese before but I have lived in the US so long that I’m used to reading English. Guess I just have to try harder to find them. Keep up the wonderful writing!

  8. Will you please write a #5 Magic Theif? It could be about the wizard who helped Crow build the prison device. He could come back for revenge because Conn spoiled their plan.

    • Ah! But the wizard who helped Crow build the prisoning device is Pettivox, who got blown to smithereens at the end of The Magic Thief. Still, a fifth Magic Thief book would be SO MUCH FUN to write.

  9. Did u leave a chapter from mt4?

  10. Ok but I was thinking that since you wrote that he “is presumed dead” that he might not actually be dead. I really enjoyed all of The Magic Thief so far (I read all of them in one month!) and I can’t wait to read your fourth one! I hope you think of something so you can write a fifth one!

    • Hm, I suppose you’re right–he might not be dead after all. As far as a fifth book goes, I’d love to write it, but it sort-of depends on what my publisher wants, too. Maybe I’ll focus instead on posting some free Magic Thief stories on my website, instead!

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