(Contest ended) Win an ARC of GOBLIN SECRETS (plus extra prize)!

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED!!  Thanks for stopping by–do come again!



I have hereby given up trying to get my dog into these book pictures.  She’s a Rottie and she’s stubborn, and she just won’t do it.  So it’s paws up for William Alexander’s terrific MG debut Goblin Secrets, coming in March from Margaret McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster.  It recently got a starred review from Kirkus!

You can win a copy!  All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 225 and post it in the comments. I’ll respond with a line from that page in the book. When we’re all done (12:00 midnight on Thursday), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner. Be sure to include your email when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some awesome sneak peeks!

AND there’s an extra prize!  Last week I got a big box of library edition copies of The Magic Thief.  These are from the third printing, so not collectible, but they’re sturdily-bound hardcovers that one random winner can keep or give to his/her favorite library.

Good luck!


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  1. I pick number 9!

    • Hi Sharon–thanks for entering! From page 9:

      He passed piles of horse dung and cow dung and other kinds of dung that he wasn’t sure about, but the smell wasn’t as bad as on the Southside roads.

  2. avatar Robert Puckett

    197! Looks like fun!

    • It is fun! From page 197:

      “How can you have a troupe of your own, and a stage of your own, when you just outlawed them all?”

  3. 113.

    • A line from page 113:

      The monger cursed and paddled with a single oar, both furiously, but his curses were clumsy and unlikely to stick.

  4. Page 77, please!

    • You got it!

      “I will have our artificer build a pair of gearworked ravens, and they will croak your vile name outside your bedroom window, every night, at irregular intervals! You will never sleep again!”

  5. im gonna go with.. 225!!

    • Hi Alaina! Thanks for entering. A line from page 225:

      “Don’t burn your fingers,” the old goblin said.

  6. Page 64 (please)!

    • Page 64 it is!

      The hero was called Youth, and he went on adventures and kept trying to do heroic things.

  7. I’d like page 19 please!

  8. Page 177 please!

    • You got it! A line from page 177:

      A giant boot came crashing down between them.

  9. Please – Page 169. This is fun!

    • It’s fun for me, too! From page 169:

      “Nonny made it,” Essa said, “so Nonny really should be the one to open the box and say ‘Ta-da!’ or at least have a ta-da sort of look on her face, but she isn’t here.”

  10. Hi Sarah! I really liked Winterling, waiting for the rest of the series and The Magic Thief! I will pick number 55. Thank you and take care! :)

    • Hi Dina! I’m so glad you liked Winterling. The sequel is The Summerkin, and it should be out in around May of 2013. And for you, a line from page 55:

      Rownie watched the Grubs from underneath his iron bench.

  11. 117 please! I’ve missed talking to you and I hope that things are going well!

    Sad fact: the security question asked me what 4 + 8 was and I began counting on my fingers. What has college done to me?

    • Hey, you! The other day I got 9+8 and was stumped for a minute: yes, very sad!

      A line from page 117:

      Maybe, if enough people already believed that a child was goblinish, then the goblinishness became real and true.

      (I just had to cite this sentence because of “goblinishness.” Love it!)

  12. 21 please

  13. I submitted this for my 10 year old daughter. She came home from the school library today with The Magic Thief” and said can we buy them – I cannot put the book down. Thank you for writing such wonderful books to keep the younger ones engaged.

    Jordan’s Mom – Mel Faux

    • How cool!! Thank you. I’ll put you in for the MT copy drawing, and for Will Alexander’s book, too. A line from page 21:

      He wanted to run, but one of the Guard might decide that he was running for Bad Reasons and try to catch him.

      • avatar Jordan Faux

        Hi Sarah,

        I thought you would enjoy this. I just went to check on Jordan as she is suppose to be a sleep in bed and I found her reading with a flash light. LOL

        Jordan’s Mom

        • Now THAT is an author’s dream come true!


          Thanks for telling me. What a great kid you’ve got.

  14. Page 13! My lucky number!!

  15. Page 200 please

    • You got it–a line from page 200:

      “I speak for this city, child,” he said.

  16. 142

    • A line from page 142:

      In the story, the Lady kept all of these mirror children as slaves and servants.

  17. I say page 121!

    • I say, “Excellent choice!” A line from page 121:

      She clearly didn’t trust Rownie with any of the combustible effects.

  18. Just reading the lines you’ve been posting has gotten me interested (not that I wasn’t interested already, just that if I wasn’t, I would be – if you can follow my twisty thinking!).

    I would like to take page number…102 please and thank you!

    • Aren’t they fun lines!? I’ve been trying to pick the ones that really get across the flavor of the book. So! From page 102:

      “Those who take notice of you as you pass, those who follow to see where you lead–without attempting to, say, arrest you–they are our audience.”

  19. 70 please, thanks.

    • Hrm! Page 70 is blank, so I’m going to go to the next-nearest page. From page 68:

      Then he remembered how alone he was.

  20. My number – #137


    • You’re welcome! A line from page 137:

      “Go on and wake the dead beneath you, if it pleases you to do so, but argue with me no further.”

  21. avatar Matthew Grendell

    I’ll take number 13 please

    • Thanks for entering, Matthew, but the contest ended on Thursday at midnight. Do stop by again, because I’ll be giving away more ARC’s soon.

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