Today is the day!

Yup, my new book, Winterling, is released into the world today.

As is traditional, I celebrate book-release day by posting the acknowledgements page.

No book is created only by its author.  Without a publisher the book would be a mess, and without friends and supporters the writer’s life would be a lonely one.

So without further ado, the acks for Winterling:


Beginning with the dedication:

To Jenn Reese.  For you, and for the girl you once were.


Acknowledgements.  Many thanks…

To my wonderful editor, Antonia Markiet, who shines light into the dark places.

And to the outstanding team at HarperCollins, starting with editor Alyson Day, copy editors Amy Vinchensi and Katherine Silsand, editorial director Phoebe Yeh, publisher Susan Katz, associate editor Jayne Carapezzi, art director Sasha Illingworth, production supervisor Ray Colon, Tony Hirt, publicist Marisa Russell, cover artist Jason Chan.

To my agent, Caitlin Blasdell, and her ruthless critiques, ow, ow, ow.  And to the Liza Dawson Agency, especially Havis Dawson.

For support and friendship, Ingrid Law.  I believe we have a lunch date coming up, my dearest…!

Jennifer Adam, who kindly answered all my questions about horses, and about not-horses.  Lisa Will, astronomer consultant extraordinaire.  Jon Michael Hansen for the archery info.  Deb Coates, the dog whisperer.

To bookseller Beth Yost from Cover to Cover Children’s Books in Columbus, Ohio, who said, upon reading The Magic Thief, “Um, I actually like that story you wrote about the changeling girl…”  Beth, you inspired me to turn that story into this novel.

To Karen Meisner, Jed Hartman, and Susan Marie Groppi, who actually bought that changeling girl story and published it at

This book’s intrepid first readers, Rae Carson, Greg van Eekhout, and Jenn Reese.  Also to Dragons of the Corn: Deb Coates, Lisa Bradley, and Dorothy Winsor, and to the memory of Alex Tint.  And to Iowa City’s Nano Rebels, in whose company much of this book was written: Wendy Heinrich, Lori Dawson, Amy Luttinger, Britt Deerberg, Bev Ehresman, Susan Benton, Eleanor Ditzel, Dori Hillestad Butler.  And to Jessie Stickgold-Sarah,  Haddayr Copley-Woods, Robin LaFevers, Kristin Cashore, Charlie Finlay, bookseller Shawna Elder, and to the biggest threat to children’s publishing to come along in quite a while, Paolo Bacigalupi.

To all my dear families, especially my vegetarian children, my husband, and my mom and dad.



Wow.  Typing those names up again makes me realize how lucky I am.  Writer-friends, you are the BEST.  Thank you.



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  1. Hey Mrs. Prineas,

    I know your friend, Ingrid Law, she’s an awesome writer, and… well, I need tog et around to reading your books, they sound really good! I am an author… to-be. I write, haven,t been published yet, but I’d like to interview you on my blog, a couple general questions, if you permit. I’d email you the questions and you could email me back. If you agree, of course. It’d be an honour to interview you on my blog. It’s been an honour just posting a comment!


    -Emma Beaudoin, teen writer

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to get it!

  3. Hi Sarah, I just started reading Winterling tonight to my 3 kids, and we were wondering if Fer is said like fur since it’s short for Jennifer? And on the subject of names, is the T pronounced in Benet? My husband would say the T and I said it with as the é sound, and I think we confused my son when we would switch who read to him each night :) We were wondering how you intended for it to be said. Thanks!

    • Hi Ramona–

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by to comment!

      Okay, “Fer” is pronounced just like “Fur.” That was her name at first–“Fur”–but then I decided she had to be “Fer” short for “Jennifer” because she’s named after a dear friend (the book is dedicated to her, too).

      And Benet! A lot of people pronounce his name the French way, “Be-nay,” but your husband is right, it’s pronounced “Bennet.”

      Now, don’t ask me how to pronounce the magic spells in The Magic Thief! Because I have no idea. 😀

      • Oh man, I hate being wrong! Perhaps I just won’t tell him :)
        Thanks for the clarification on all the names.
        Now, the spells, I’m pretty sure I flubbed through them miserably while reading the books to my son!

  4. Hello, Winterling sounds like a very interesting book. I just emailed your publisher about seeing if we can do a book review on Classic Children’s Books (my blog) and possibly including your books in our Summer Book Club. It’s for kids 8-13 and I think you will be a great fit. =D

    I’m looking forward to reading your books!

    Tina ‘the book lady’

    • Thanks, Tina! Let me know if you don’t hear back from my publicist, and I’ll give her a nudge for you. Cheers!

      Also, RE book club. I do free Skype visits with classes and book groups that have read any of my books. 😀

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