Battle On!

The contract is signed and everything is set, so at last I can tell my fun and exciting news, which is that Artix Entertainment is doing a Magic Thief “event” as part of their AdventureQuest massively multiplayer online role-playing game.  They’ve done “events” before with music-related people including They Might Be Giants and Paul and Storm; I’m the first author (though I’m told there will be more).

The event is like a side-story within the larger AQ world.  Regular AQ players can go into the Magic Thief story and interact with the MT characters and world.  There will be biscuits and misery eels and (hopefully) a hunt for a locus magicalicus!!   It should be online in early January.

As a bonus, I got an upgraded character of my own to play.  She is a mage with bright green skin and sticking up braids (though you can’t see them because they’re covered by the Dragonhero Helmet).








As you can see, I have a pet dragon.  She follows me everywhere.

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  1. Wow, I wonder what is the magic thief event. Hmmmm……

  2. He he, I came all the way from goodreads to say, “I can’t wait! This is going to be so exciting! I’m not much of a game player but that seems awesome!” M’kay! Bye!

    • I hope it’ll be fun–probably won’t launch, though, until late February or March.

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