Winterling cover!

Here it is! The cover for my next book, coming from HarperCollins Children’s on January 3, 2012. Let me know what you think of it!

Cover art by Jason Chan.

And here’s the flap copy:

With her boundless curiosity and wild spirit, Fer has always felt that she doesn’t belong. Not when the forest is calling to her, when the rush of wind through branches feels more real than school or the quiet farms near her house. Then she saves an injured creature—he looks like a boy, but he’s really something else. He knows who Fer truly is, and invites her through the Way, a passage to a strange, dangerous land.

Fer feels an instant attachment to this realm, where magic is real and oaths forge bonds stronger than iron. But a powerful huntress named the Mor rules here, and Fer can sense that the land is perilously out of balance. Fer must unlock the secrets about the parents she never knew and claim her true place before the worlds on both sides of the Way descend into endless winter.

Sarah Prineas captivates in this fantasy-adventure about a girl who must find within herself the power to set right a terrible evil.

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  1. I love it great cover!!

  2. I love it!

  3. It’s a fantastic cover and I’ve saved it to my cover art collection in case I ever have the opportunity to read and review the book. My two older grandkids read like there’s no tomorrow. My 12yr old grandson devoured Harry Potter, and is working his way through Diane Duane’s Wizard series, along with anything else he can get his hands on. His younger (2nd grade) sister started reading chapter books this year an also loves to read.

    Me? I’m just a blogger/reviewer with more books then hours in the day to read, and yet I’d love to get my hands on both of your series’.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you like the cover. The Magic Thief books have been out for a while and are easily findable at a local library or bookstore. 😀

  4. Gorgeous

  5. Oh my days! This is GORGEOUS! I love it and the write-up sounds 100000% you, Ms. Prineas. Looking forward to it.

    • Thank you!!!! I guess by your spelling of “favourite” that you’re in the UK? (Or maybe Canada?). Just as a heads-up, the book will have a different cover in the UK/Aus/NZ/India. I haven’t seen it yet, but will post it as soon as it’s available.

  6. Beautiful cover, and I just love all the little details, from the patchwork coat to the pretty, wintery shading of the letters! I can’t wait to read WINTERLING….

  7. Beautiful cover, I love the patchwork coat! Cannot wait to read this compelling story. Way to go Sarah!

  8. Excitement! =D What a beautiful cover and awesome description. I can’t wait to read it!!

  9. It’s stunning, frankly, and makes me want to pick up the book and read. But to be honest? You had me–oh, so long ago–at “Winterling.” I LOVE the title. Can’t wait to read it! I’m so glad you write books, Sarah.

  10. Oh my god, I love the cover!

    And the blurb is really enticing!

  11. That is a really great cover. I can’t wait till January. I’m am definitely going to love this book. (:

    • Thanks for coming over to visit me here, Lena! I LOVE this cover and feel so lucky to have an editor and publisher supporting the book so beautifully.

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