Contest: win an ARC–an advanced copy!!

a novel by Greg van Eekhout

So here’s the deal.  You–yes, you!–can win an ARC of this novel, The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout.  It’s a terrific book.  I even wrote a blurb about it:

“Greg van Eekhout’s The Boy at the End of the World is both moving and full of adventure.  This remarkable survival story will change the way readers think about themselves and the world they live in.”

All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 209 and post it in the comments.  I’ll respond with a line from that page in the book.  When we’re all done (in one week from today, April 11), I’ll do a random number generator thingy and that person will be the winner.  Be sure to include your email when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Come back and read all the comments, and you’ll get some awesome sneak peeks of the book!

Good luck!

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  1. 47!

    It’s *so* much better than 42.

  2. My number is 9, the age of the son who would love to get his hands on this book (while patiently awaiting MT 4).

    • Oh, this book is SO in the zone for a nine year old boy!!!

      From page 9:

      “What do you want?” Fisher said, ready to make another spear thrust.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! The number I choose is 159. I like the cover of the book and your dog looking at it! So cute :)

    info [at]

    • Extra points for the dog love!!

      From page 159:

      Though the buildings stood, whole and firm, this place seemed as dead to him as the destroyed Ark where he’d become born.

  4. Yay! Thanks for doing this, SarahP!

  5. 166 please….I guess I could not follow directions before :) lol

  6. Oh… 199

  7. avatar Andrea Chettle

    Great give away I hope this is international If so my number is ……. 105


  8. 133 for me, please :)

  9. avatar Phil Mervis

    My number is 44

  10. 200!

  11. The dice tell me to pick 84.

    • 84 it is! Here is your line from the book:

      Fisher’s brain and hands automatically calculated what he could make from the junk: fishhooks and arrowheads and small, fine cutting tools.

  12. Number 3. Nice contest!

  13. 204

    And I really would love this book!


  14. Page 11 please.

  15. 72! Awesome giveaway!

    • Glad you think so! Here is a line from page 72:

      As the sun set and the river blazed with shimmering orange, he stepped back from his creation and appraised his work.

  16. avatar Jason Frier

    Page 203 please, that has been my racing number for years.

  17. 8 – that’s my lucky number!
    (crossing fingers and toes)

  18. This is way cool How about page 22?

    • Twenty two!

      “Also,” the robot said, “a rock fell on my head and a rat tried to eat my face, so it is possible that I am not seeing all the available options.”

  19. 71–the year I graduated from high school.

    • 😀 An excellent year.

      Here’s a line from page 71:

      His life was so different from the way humans had lived that he couldn’t believe he was part of the same species.

  20. Page 1…!!! No one has chosen page 1??!! I would love to know the first line of this book, which comes out on June 21…my birthday! (just in case anyone wants to send me an early ARC birthday kind of gift…!!!) **Hi and virtual doggie bones to Athena! Looking good, girl! :)

    • UnbeLIEVEable that nobody’s chosen 1 yet!

      I’m going to give you bonus lines, because they’ll make better sense that way:

      This is what he knew:

      His name was Fisher.

      The world was dangerous.

      He was alone.

      And that was all.

      • OK, I’m hooked. I am intrigued and want to know more. Looks like I’ll be adding this book to my shopping list when it’s out if I don’t win the ARC. :)

  21. All right, I’m going to go with page 26 since that is when my husband and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary.

  22. avatar Chad Kearbey


  23. avatar Anne Nesbet

    p. 65, please. Enjoying these snippets!

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for playing. From page 65 (this was one of my son’s favorite parts):

      “That’s a whale!” he shouted. “A river whale!”

  24. 11. Because that’s my son’s age and he’s driving me to bankruptcy, going through books so fast.

    • Awesome. My son is 11 too, and I swear he reads three or four books a week. He’s read The Boy at the End of the World and loved it even more than Greg’s first book, Kid vs Squid.

      (I think there’s another 11 entry, but if you both win I happen to have two copies of the ARC…) So! Page 11:

      Fisher was only a few hours old and could not afford to die.

  25. avatar annmarie ager

    Number 6
    My email is
    I love the book cover last books i read was unwind and the maze runner. Good luck everyone

    • It’s a great cover, isn’t it!?? Okay, here’s a line from page 6:

      Tiny eyes glinted with pinprick light from the high tree boughs.

  26. avatar Terri-Lynne DeFino

    69, dude!

    No, really–69.

    • Dude!!

      Here’s a line from page 69 (let me know if you have to look up what it means to “gig a frog”) (I did):

      He found a stiff piece of wire split into three sharp points, just perfect for gigging frogs.

  27. I’m feelin’ page 87. :)

    • A very good feeling. Here’s a line from page 87:

      A nervous mammoth was a restless mammoth, and a restless mammoth was a danger to the raft, so Fisher put a hand on his shoulder.

  28. avatar Susan Maupin Schmid


  29. avatar Dori Butler


  30. 37

  31. 202 for our beautiful Grandmother:)

    • Hiya, Weazze! 202 is an excellent number. Here’s a line from that page:

      And not just for your own sake, but for the benefit of your entire species.

  32. avatar Rebecca Johnson


  33. 11!

    • Ack! I think you’re the third page 11, and if your number is chosen I won’t have enough books to cover it. Would you mind choosing another number?

  34. 75

    • Here is a line from page 75:

      The feeding frenzy was over before Fisher could pull in his line, and the skeleton of his fish sank in a milky cloud of blood and fleshy flakes.

  35. avatar Stephanie Ager

    P. 104 please. The middle point of the novel.
    This is a great giveaway and I love the picture by the way, it looks like your doggie is enjoying your cover of you novel.

    • Exactly halfway through! One of my favorite moments in the book, too:

      His thoughts danced with visions of fish and mollusks and sea mammals, and of the boats he might build to venture out over the shimmering sea.

  36. avatar Marshal Latham

    I will choose #96. Fingers crossed…

  37. Oh, what a GREAT contest! I love this idea!!

    Can I have… number 154, please. 😀 Thanks!

    • Thanks for entering, Jen!!

      Here’s a line from page 154:

      “What else is in robot’s head?” she snarled, aiming her weapon at Click.

  38. How about 119?

    Thanks a ton!

  39. Can I have 4 please, and My Son will be probably to old officially read the 4th magic thief book if it takes too many more years.

    • I’m sorry MT4 is taking so long!! There’s nothing I can do about it, though. And if it’s any consolation, I get lots of mail from older readers, so maybe he’ll still be interested later. I hope so! And now for a line from page 4:

      Fisher knew what death was.

  40. 81 please. Thanks!

  41. 27. Thank you!

  42. avatar Natasha (YukinaKid)

    100! Missed talking with you =)

    • I’m so glad you entered, Natasha!! Send me an email sometime, let me know how you’re doing. Are your classes going okay this semester?

      Anyway, here’s a line from page 100:

      “Unfortunately, robot parts do not grow on trees.”

      • avatar Natasha (YukinaKid)

        I love that line! =D I’ll totally email you a little later. It’s been busy, but good!

  43. 138 for me please ! 😀

    • You got it! Here’s a line from page 138:

      “How are you supposed to help me survive and continue the human race if you can’t even make a splint?”

      • Wow I don´t see that it is so early in your country.
        In my country it is already 2:33 pm 😀

    • Oh I’ve been up for hours! It’s nice writing in a quiet house before everybody else is awake.

  44. 189 please! It’s been my favorite number since forever – or at least for 11 years, since I’m 11.

    • Awesome! I’m glad you didn’t choose 11, since three other people have already chosen it.

      Here’s a line from page 189:

      Enough life to make him dizzy, like millions of stars spinning in a moonless sky.

  45. My 8yo (soon to be 9) chooses 99. Thanks! We LOVE your books. Glad to hear there’ll be a MT4, bummed to hear it’s going to take so darn long. On the bright side, we’ll read your others in the meantime.

    • 99 is an excellent number! Thanks so much for the comment about the books, too. I WISH MT 4 were coming out this year, but it IS written, and hopefully it’ll be out sooner than I expect.

      Now for a line from page 99:

      Also, he just flat-out refused to live like a newt.

      • Oh, my. I think that’s the best line you’ve quoted so far . . . and there have been so many really good ones. I love the first lines of the book. Consider me hooked.

    • There are SO many great lines in this book! Picking just one per page has been difficult.

      • But a fun kind of difficult, no doubt.

        My 8yo wants you to know that he picked 99 because it’s his favorite number. He likes to paint the number onto t-shirts so they look like jerseys. He thought you’d like to know that. :-)

    • Yes, fun-difficult.

      RE #99. I’m glad to know that! It was Wayne Gretzky’s number, too, in hockey.

  46. 4!!!!

    • Thanks for playing! Here’s a line from page 4:

      One room was full of pods the size of his hand, thousands of them, and inside were bees and worms and butterflies.

  47. Lucky #13!

  48. hey i currently live in Saudi Arabia, and i wonder if u’ll be surprised to know that your awesome books are sold here! A friend got me MT1 for a gift exchanging day, and boy have i loved it! i’m planning to get the 2nd and the 3rd as soon as i finish my exams(and ‘The Boy at the End of the World’ too)=D
    anywhooo,my number is 5 =)
    thank u HEAPS

    • Hi Zainab–

      Thanks for your comment! The contest is over, unfortunately, but I hope you can find a copy of Greg’s book over there. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re reading the Magic Thief books. Good luck with your exams!!

  49. Hullooo
    yeah.. i noticed that it was over after i sent my message -blush- :)
    thanks anyways u’ve really really made a lot of my days reading ur books in those ultra-boring examination days
    thank u =D

  50. Page 16 :-)

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