Magic Thief Book Four

A question that I get a lot (and it makes me very happy to be asked it, too!) is this:  “Will there be a fourth Magic Thief book?”

Here’s the answer.  At first it was only supposed to be a trilogy, but when I finished writing book three, The Magic Thief: Found, I realized that I wasn’t ready to stop writing about Conn and Nevery and Benet and Rowan and Embre and Captain Kerrn.  And that bad baby dragon, Pip.

Yes, I had a lot more to say about Pip.

So the answer is YES, I have written a fourth Magic Thief book!  It is done.

The problem is, publishing is s-l-o-w.  I have two other books coming out–Winterling in 2012 and its sequel, The Summerkin, in 2013–and only after that will my publisher decide if the fourth Magic Thief book is coming out.  If you add that up, it means no fourth Magic Thief book until 2014.

I know, that’s a long time to wait.

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  1. My, what an extreme combination of wonderful and depressing news this is! Is there any possibility of your fans encouraging your publisher to – take it! publish it! get it into our waiting hands!! – do you think?

    • It’s lovely of you to ask, Hallie. I get a *lot* of reader mail asking about MT 4, and to me those requests matter enormously, but for my publisher I think the decision is going to be based entirely on whether sales warrant the publication of a fourth book. It is a business, after all. More via email.

      • can you just wait to publish winterling and summerkin till after you publish mt book 4 please i love your books so much i read the first one in one day

        • Wow, you are a fast reader!!

          I WISH that the fourth Magic Thief book was coming out sooner, but I don’t get to decide–my publisher does that. They wanted me to try something new, and then maybe come back to the Magic Thief world. I know, it’s a long time to wait!!!

      • Well in my book, there should be a book 4 and the sooner the better….I was introduced to ur books about a week ago and have read all three books and would like to get the 4th as soon as possible..Tell ur publisher he is only hindering the sale of ur books..If i have to wait till 2014 i will probably forget to look for it..At least Harry Potter came out every year and Charlie Bone also..Tell him to get with it!

        • 😀

          Well, I DO have a book coming out this year–it’s just not a Magic Thief book.

          And wow, that’s some serious reading–all three books in one week!

    • I quite agree! The publisher should take fans wishes (pleas!) into consideration to publish book four ASAP! I don’t want to be left hanging for what happens next for another two + years! That’s torture! If it’s done give it to us!!! :)

      • I know, I know! I WISH it were the next book coming out, I really do! It’s not a whim on my publisher’s part, though–and I do think readers are going to enjoy WINTERLING (my next book).

  2. That is extremely depressing. I actually think they should re-evaluate that. I see people losing interest if we have to wait 3 years.

    • I know–sorry!

      I suspect publishers take a much longer view–if they relaunch the series in a few years with a new book, they get a whole new crop of readers.

  3. I loved the first three books and have been searching the four corners of the earth to find out if there will, in fact, be a fourth one. Finally I have my answer, and while waiting for 2014 will be intolerable, at the same time I think it’ll make the fourth book all that more special.

  4. avatar Raina Barnes

    My family and I have devoured your Magic Thief books in both text and recorded book form, and are currently on a second read-through. Even the two year old is excited, and routinely brings me the cd case and requests “Magic Feef today, Mommy?” The seven year old just completed a science project exploring what fire needs in order to burn, inspired by Conn’s pyrotechnic experiments. So, when I say that we are big fans of The Magic Thief, I’m serious.

    We are absolutely delighted to hear that a fourth book is written, and really disturbed to think that it could languish, unpublished, for years. I’m just going to go ahead and beg you to do whatever you can to get that book published, and further implore you to do what you can to get a recorded book done for it as well. I have no idea what, if any, weight authors pull with regard to these decisions, but if you can get them to do the recorded book, definitely pull for Greg Steinbruner to do the performing again (if you like his work with your other books, which, hopefully you do). I think his performances really added another dimension to the stories, in a way that not every recorded book performer can do.

    At any rate, we are excited to hear that you will have some new books out, even if they are not Magic Thief books, and will be on the lookout for those as well. Thanks for being awesome!

    • Raina, your comment just made my day. I’m so glad to hear that you and your family are enjoying the Magic Thief books. The fact that your seven-year-old did a project related to pyrotechnics makes me laugh and also tremble in fear. I was going to put a pyrotechnic experiment in the back of book two–with made-up ingredients, of course–but my editor wouldn’t let me because they were worried that somebody would try it and actually blow something up.

      I LOVE Greg Steinbruner’s recording of the first three books, to the point where I “hear” his voice now when I write Nevery.

      Unfortunately there’s not much I can do to urge my publisher to get the book out sooner. My editor, who is terrific, is thinking long-term about my career, and she has told me that it will be good for my career to show that I can do something other than Conn’s voice and Magic Thief books. My next two books are pretty different from that, though they’re still fantasy adventure stories. The other thing is, it’s a business decision. My publisher has to make money, and I suspect they think that if they delay on book four they can repackage the first three books and reach an entirely new audience–relaunching the series. I WISH it didn’t work this way, but it does. The instant I get more specific information on the fate of the fourth MT book I’ll post it here.


  5. Wow. A fourth book! Can’t wait till 2014!!!!

    I’m also looking forward to read your new book and it’s sequal coming out in 2012 (Every time I hear ‘2012’ I always think of the end of the world… creepy, even though I dont believe it… we may not be here to see the new Magic Thief book come out because the world would have ended :D).

    Ah well… I love your books and can’t wait to read all your new books coming out. I wish I only just discovered you yesterday, so I dont need to wait as long for new books!

  6. Dear Sarah ~ your Magic Theif series ROCKS! Even though it is intended for the younger audience, I am enthralled with the story (and I’m an adult with a 17 y.o. son!). You do a fabulous job bringing your characters & story to life! The rich details & imagery built into the story line paint such a vivid scenario for the imagination! I wonder fantasy to get lost in. I’ve even rediscovered my love for fluffy, buttery biscuits! Awesome writing! :)

    • Thanks Rachael!! The age listing on the book does say “10+” and I think that “+” can include a lot of older readers! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story.

  7. well its not magic thief but i bet that summerkin and winterling will be awesome to just like magic thief do you think thers a slight chance that the magic thief book 4 will might be out in 2013 please say yes

    p.s cons frog biscuits dont really sound appealing =)

  8. well its not magic thief but i bet that summerkin and winterling will be awesome to just like magic thief do you think thers a slight chance that the magic thief book 4 will might be out in 2013 please say yes

    p.s cons frog biscuits don’t really sound appealing =)

  9. I love the magic thieft books I can’t wait untill the fourth one comes out. I was soo sad when i finished the third book becuase i love those books so much and I agree that the publishing sould move soooo much faster.

  10. I love you magic theif books i was soo sad when i fishished the third book becuase i thought that there wasn’t going to be another one, I cant wait until 2014 I will go crazy thinking about it.

    p.s. biggest fan of you magic thief books

  11. I need to read the next book im going to be 17 when the next book possibly comes out and you have left me hanging! The ending to book 3 is so sad. I was mad when i read it. I want his memory back and for him to be the old Conn again. I read all the books in less than a week and i had to force my parents to go out to the bookstore with me to get the next one! Im going to forget about these books by then. Please try to get them out faster!!!!!

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for your comment. I will know soon about the fate of the fourth Magic Thief book. I HOPE HOPE HOPE it will be out sooner! We shall see.

      Thanks for being such an awesome reader!

  12. What is winterling and summerkin about?

    • Thanks for asking about Winterling and The Summerkin!

      Winterling is about a girl named Fer (short for Jennifer) who goes through a Way from our world into another world full of magic and danger. While there she has to put right a terrible wrong. She’s helped by a tricksy boy named Rook and a bad horse named Phouka.

      The sequel is her further adventures, this time more in our world.

      Pretty soon I should be able to post the cover of Winterling. It’s beautiful!

  13. You reply really fast! Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! I wish I responded to email better, though. I’ve got a whole month of reader emails to read and respond to and am feeling very guilty about it!!

  14. avatar Shastin Hall

    Loved your books, Read and listened to them all this month, almost done with the third one, So I started my search for the fourth one. I’m very sad to hear that I’ll have to wait such a long time, and I hope that I can remember in the future of its release as I suspect I will probably not remember the trilogy in 2014, well I should say, it probably wont be in the front of my mind, and to be honest I just happened to stumble across this series while searching for a good book to start, I think there should be better Advertising for this book, hopefully enough to recapture me again in 2014.
    As you suspect I’m not terribly excited that your completed book is just going to sit on a shelf for another year and a half but, I loved them so
    Perhaps you have a email subscription I can sign up for to notify my on your books updates, just curious.

    I’ll hold my self over with your other books until then, and feel fairly confident that I’lll reread these books again in the near future.

    Your a wonderful author, I wish you all of the success an author can achieve, hopefully these will be movies one day.

    Only one compalint; I felt that book 2 was way short :( sorry but that’s the only bit of constructive criticism I can come up with
    LOVE Benet the most, and then Nevery

    Getting all my friends hooked on the series

    as I said, Best of wishes to you Sarah

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Shastin! If you sign up for this blog, you’ll receive notification every time I post an entry (which isn’t all that often), and I’ll for sure be announcing book news here.

      I do have a book coming out in January, Winterling, and I hope it’ll help you hold out until the fourth Magic Thief is ready!


  15. avatar Shastin Hall

    Just finished the last book, It was great

    Only I was really hoping for some level of romance between Con and Row :-( Hopefully in the next book?

  16. was so happy to find out you have written a book 4 but 2014 thats really to long i appreciate that your hands are tied that editors and publishers have to make money (referring to repackaging the series in 2014) but thats nearly 4 years( from hardback release) i agree with an earlier post that unless hyped up this brillaint series will be forgotton by the devoted fans who have so loved the characters you have brought to life pleaseeeeeeeee try and get it released earlier. Thank you and i do feel for you being harassed by us

    • Thank you!!!

      I promise I will do everything I can to see that it comes out earlier. The second I know for sure what’s happening I’ll announce it here.


  17. Hi Sarah – I really loved the Magic Thief series and was wondering if you have better news for the fans regarding Book 4 – I really hope the publisher will agree to release it earlier than 2014.

    • Hello!! Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoing the books. The very second I know something about the date, I’ll post it here. The problem is, publishing is very s-l-o-w, and there’s little I can do to hurry it along. If you can believe it, I’m even more impatient than you are!!


  18. Just chiming in to say that, having read early versions of Winterling and Summerkin, I think readers who love your writing in the Magic Thief books are in for a real treat. Fer and Rook are great new characters, and I think these books are going to thrill your existing audience while reaching out to new readers. January 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  19. I recently picked up the first book in the Magic Thief trilogy on a whim while my kids and I were at the local library. I thought I’d read it and see if it would be something they would be interested in reading, but I got sucked into the story and have since read the remaining 2 books…in fact I finished the last one today and was sad to close the cover. I hope that book 4 will make it to publication, even if I have to wait a few years. I have already suggested your books to many of my friends with kids, and my 10 year old will be happy when I hand over the last books for him to read (he’s already read the first and has been waiting impatiently for me to finish the others).

    I rarely buy many books these days, only ones that I know will be treasured for years to come in our “home library”. The Magic Thief books are at the top of my “to buy” list!

    • Liz, thanks very much for your comment. If you’ve read my responses to the other ones, you know how impatiently I, too, am waiting for news on the fourth book. One way or another, it WILL see print; I just don’t know yet exactly when. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books and that you’ve got kids lined up to read them. That kind of note really makes an author’s day. Thanks!

  20. my name is Evan and I’m eight. I’ve stayed up late the reading ALL the the magic thief books in the series and I can’t wait till the fourth book!

    (This was written by my son, who blasted through the first two books before his eighth birthday and got the third as a birthday present–his favorite present, I think! Your book really introduced him to the joys of reading, from which I, as a parent, am in your debt –Eric)

    • Hi Evan and Eric– Thanks SO much for your comment. Evan, it’s awesome that you’re such a great reader at your age! When my son was eight I was writing The Magic Thief, and I would read it out loud to him. He gave me some great ideas for the book, too.

      Happy reading!

  21. I have been re-reading Magic Thief books (I read the first earlier today, and I’ll finish the second later today), and I’m absolutely thrilled about the sequel. Thank you so much for the good news <3

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad you’re re-enjoying the books. HOPEfully the fourth book will really happen. Still waiting to find out…

  22. It’s strange how I came to love these books. My family was going to have a garage sale, and my aunt (, who used to be an english teacher) brought in boxes of books to sell. I went through every single box for a good book I didn’t already own, when I came across The Magic Thief. What caught my eye was the title and the front cover. I had currently finished reading another book about thiefs and found the topic intriguing. I thought the title was amazing too. My two most favorite things are magic and thiefs. So I took that book from the box without letting anyone know.
    About a month later I found myself without anything to read. And when I saw that lonely book on my bookshelf I decided to read it. Know I have read them all and loved every word. I’m happy that there will be a fourth one. I understand if it will take a while, as long as there will be one I’ll be satisfied. I’m used to waiting for books, in fact I have so many different books I’m waiting for I have a list. But out of every single one thier, The
    Magic Thief is my favorite!
    — Julia, Age 14

    • Hi Julia–

      Thank you so much for your comment! Wow, it really made my day. I love the idea of a lonely book in a box of other garage-sale books finding its perfect reader–you.

  23. God, I love this seris so much!! I read the first one a few years back, thyen, when I realised there was more (silly me~), I DEVOURED the rest. I’m buying the books online as I write this~

    Hmmm, this seems like it will be the next Pirates of the Caribbean thing (As in the ‘oh, it’ll only be a trilogy’ and ends up with close to fifty movies; not that I’m complaining. Not in the slightest~)

    I was thinking about this for awhile, but you know what I think would be fun? A book full of short stories about Conn and Nevery and Benet and the kitties and crows and everyone~ I’ve been trying to write a book for awhile (*wannabe writer*), and it just delights me to write little, silly scenarios as short stories with my characters~

    • HI Olivia– Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the trilogy/series. I don’t know about FIFTY books, but I definitely don’t feel like Conn’s story is over yet. It’s hard to stop writing about a character like that!

      I love writing stories like that, too. I posted one here, but I’ll for sure post some other ones.


  24. Hi, I REALLY love your books!! I have one question for you. Did you come up with the Wellmet alphabrt yourself or is it an old Europen runic alphabet? :)

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Thanks for letting me know.

      The rune alphabet. I came up with it myself, except for the rune G, which is the same G that Tolkien uses in Middle-earth. I’m a huge Tolkien fan, and that was my secret shout-out to his books.

      There is one weird thing about the runes, which is that in the Danish translation they turned the runes into those old European runic alphabet you’re talking about. I have no idea why they used that instead of my runes (thought it’s fine with me that they did that).


  25. I finally found your blog! YAY! I am super GLAPPY that you finished the fourth book! I wish I have a time machine to travel to the future and buy it…

    • 😀 Thanks for stopping by! I WISH I could travel to the future, too, and know that the book was for sure coming out. Hopefully I’ll have more news about that soon. Cheers!

  26. can you like put a few chapters of the book on the internet while we all wait till 2014 because the first three books were incredible. i read all of them in less then a week (thats how awesome they were)

  27. Nooooooooooo I will have no nails to bite left in 2014 . I really really love these books you are one of my favourite authors. Please keep them coming.
    Adam 10 UK

  28. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO LONG. I want to read it in 2012, not 2014. I know it’s not your fault, BUT I’M MAD. Are you sure there is no way to speed up that process?

  29. Please make Magic Theif 4 sooner! When your a kid 3 years feels like a lifetime! I mean, I can wait a year or two, but three or four!? :( I have been reading all of them in a day and it is my new favorite series!!!! I dont want to loose intrest, book I fear I will!

    P.S I am so voting for The Magic Thief for the Rebecca Caudil!

    • Hi Abigail!

      I HOPE it will be out sooner!! Watch this space, because as soon as I know more, I’ll announce it here. I should know more in maybe two months…

      And YAY for the Caudill award voting!!

  30. Is Benet’s biscuits good in real-life?

  31. avatar Susannah Foottit

    Well, I listened to the audiobooks downloaded from and could have cried when they ended … and I’m nearly 42 lol!! Going to purchase them in Kindle format too so I can read them, which I always find is a different experience to listening to them on audio. Whilst I’m disappointed the fourth book will take so long to publish, I’m thrilled there will be more. As you said earlier, the publishers will look at it long term and hope to relaunch the series to a new audience, as well as the stalwart fans! One comment though, you can’t relaunch a series with just one more book …. more please! But thanks thus far for your brilliant writing, take care.

    • Thanks, Susannah! I’m glad you enjoyed the audio version. The voice actor is really terrific, isn’t he? I even “hear” his voice now when I write Nevery. Thanks for understanding about the fourth book, and you never know–maybe there will be a fifth as well!


  32. Hi! First of all, I love the fact that you take the time to reply to each and every comment here. So far, I’ve only read the first Magic Thief book since I only found them recently and bought it on a whim. But I absolutely LOVE it! My favorite part was when Conn turned into a cat using the embero spell. Your description was extremely realistic for me and I could immediately tell you love cats!

    Too bad about the delay for the fourth book but since I still have books 2 and 3 to read, I am going to take my time with them and (try to) patiently wait for 2014. I’m sure that if there is anything you could do to speed up the publishing, you would do it. Otherwise, wait it is =)

    And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m 24 years old, and I love reading The Magic Thief! XD

    • Hi Amanda–

      Thanks so much for your comment! It’s the first thing I read this morning, and it’s already made my day. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the first Magic Thief book. Thanks for understanding about the fourth book, and being patient. It’s just as hard for me to wait, really!


  33. I finished the Harry Potter series, and I did’nt know what to read next to get my A.R. points in school.
    After some time, my friend told me a good book to read was, “The Magic Thief”. So I went to check it out in the library the next day. I tell you, I finished the first chapter with my mouth wide open. Soooo juicy interesting facts,and the fantasy was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There’s more to say about your book , but if i tell you everything l’d take days. I read books 1-3 and wanted to know if there was a fourth book. I was so happy when I read your paragraph, until the last part, until 2014. But, it’s life. :)

    Can’t wait!

    • Hi, Thomas–thanks for the comment! I have no idea what A.R. points are, but awesome that you got them by reading my books. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. It won’t be long before I’ll have more information about the fourth book–maybe just a couple of weeks. Once I know more, I’ll update here.



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