October 16, 2010

Here’s a bit of happy news.  The audio version of The Magic Thief was chosen by Booklist as one of the best audio first-novels of the past four years!

Click here to see the Booklist article

I LOVE the audio version.  The actor gets the voices exactly right.  I even ‘hear’ his voice now when I write Nevery’s dialogue.

And my book tour to India is starting to take shape.  Here’s a notice about the Bookaroo Book Festival in New Delhi.


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  1. I’ve just found your blog, Sarah, and love that you love your audio book! :) I always wonder how that works with authors, if they appreciate the voice talent used for audio productions, what they think.

    We (me + my 9 and 7 year olds, both I and the 9 year old had previously read the book) listened to The Magic Thief on audio within the last 6 months and I totally agree, he got the voice *just right* — quick hands. Wonderful.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure you know this already but I was coming here to find your site to link to it because I’m terribly excited that Magic Thief is on the 2012 Rebecca Caudill list, an Illinois Grades 4-8 Young Readers Book Award. More here: http://www.rcyrba.org/

    Congratulations! The RC books are heavily featured in my children’s school library, and I’m thrilled to have more kids (and their book-geeky parents) exposed to your books. I hope you’re busy writing some fun new stuff for us!

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